Best Mop and Broom Holder

10 Best Mop and Broom Holders (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

Brooms play a major role in household cleaning. This is the main reason why you need to find the best broom and mop holders , which will serve you better and longer. Besides ensuring that a broom has the capacity of cleaning a given room adequately, you also need to ensure you store it nicely for you to increase its lifetime. People were shoving brooms in the back house, garage, and even behind the closet door in the past. In this topic, you will get the best mop and broom holder.

In the current generation, people are advancing in home organization and thus buy functional best mop and broom holder to assist them in storage. There is an ideal way to help you organize the mops and brooms to maintain safety while saving space as seen in these Best Hair Dryer Holders Reviews. Overall, you will have areas that are less cluttered and tidy like the hair straight style.

List of Top 10 Best Broom and Mop Holders

1. Home-It Mop and Broom Holder

Home- It Mop and Broom Holder, 5 Position with 6 Hooks Garage Storage Holds up to 11 Tools, Storage Solutions for Broom Holders, Garage Storage Systems Broom Organizer for Garage Shelving Ideas
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Everyone desires to have a room with well-arranged mop and broom holders wall mounted. Your desire will only come to pass while using Home-It Mop and broom holder.

This item can hold different household products using handles with all kinds of thickness. Besides, the mounted mop wall holder will assist you adequately in space-saving.

You will thus save in space, which you will use in storing of other different items. The multi-used rack also features six hooks and five slots to safely assist you in hanging garage, sports, metals, cleaning, and kitchen tools.

When wall mount broom holder falls from a given rubber and anti-slip slot, the rolling ball will adjust the given things’ thickness to grip it tightly.

All the various broom wall mount ball slots will be fixing the hand-held tools using a diameter of 0.69 to even 1.11 inches. These are products that have a compact size.

Generally, there are garage organizations and clean design systems. These are products that can hold heavy tools. The grips are non-slip and therefore never get to slip from one’s hands.

This way, these devices can withstand different temperatures both from inside and outside. Another thing, they can hold different sports equipment, brooms, and mops with minimal effort.

These products have high quality while the release process is easy and takes place through the release of different handles.


  • Withstands different household products.
  • Saves space in adequate manners.
  • Five slots and six hooks.
  • Guide in adjustment and in the roll of balls.
  • Comes with hand-held and ball slots.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to install
  • Multi-functional
  • Versatile design
  • Heavy duty product
  • Compact size
  • Low-quality screws
  • Needs tinkering to acquire the best spring tension

2. Spectrum Diversified Mop & Broom Folder

Spectrum Diversified Mop & Broom Holder & Organizer, Cleaning Supplies Storage, Utility Closet Storage & Organization for Cleaning Supplies, Garage Storage for Brooms & Mops
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Ensure you are keeping the cleaning items closely and away from the floor using the broom organizer. Similar to Best Hair Dryer Holders, this organizer has two different non-slip loops hold bearing brooms and mops with a standard size.

Besides, the collapsible hoops will be swinging up to keep the broom and mop in place. The three hooks will help you hold cleaning rags, dusters, dustpans, and washcloths in place to save on the counter space.

The broom wall mount and mop will be stored on the wall to increase storage without necessarily sacrificing the square footage. Thus, you will get more room in the utility closet, mudroom, closet, and laundry room.

You will succeed in storing the cleaning supplies in an upright manner. Generally, these are products that can increase the overall storage.

They guide in the storage of brooms and mops with minimal effort. This way, you will succeed in the increasement of the overall storage.

As a result, you will not increase storage without having to sacrifice the different square footage. You will have adequate room in utility closets, mudroom, closet, and laundry room.

When it comes to utility, their closet keeps all the different clean supplies in an upright way. Ordinarily, the wall mounting is easy to use at all times. They guide in the insertion of screws in the pre-drilled and screws holes.


  • Non-slip and two different loops.
  • Collapsible mop and broom items.
  • Three hooks supports the cleaning of dusters and dirt.
  • Guide in the storage of different products with minimal effort.
  • It will get more room in the utility closet, mudroom, closet, and laundry room after storing the cleaning supplies in an upright manner.
Pros Cons
  • Increases storage
  • Easy to use the wall mounting
  • Sturdy frame
  • Easy wall mounting
  • Small holes for mop and broom handles

3. Newdora Mop Broom-Holder

Broom Mop Holder Wall Mount,Favbal Garage Organization Tool Organizer Storage Broom Closet Kitchen Organization Heavy Duty Garage Tools Hanger with 3 Racks 4 Hooks for Home Kitchen Garden Laundry Room
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The mop wall holder is multi-function to assist one in the holding of brooms and mops of different sizes. You will result with the best arrangements that you would have ever desired to acquire in a lifetime.

Besides, it has a fashionable design that helps one in saving space while organizing the mops. This implies that the place you store your different items will remain attractive and unique at all times.

Newdora is the best helper to assist one in keeping different mops tidy and well organized. Besides, the mop holder has been made well using ABS.

Therefore, you are certain of long-term and quality services for many years to come. The five slots and six hooks will help you abundantly in meeting all your organizing needs.

The package contains the best mop and broom holder and different parts to assist you in the mounting process. You will be done with the mounting process within a short time as the procedure is hassle-free and unique.

You will thus find the process of installing the mopper easier. You do not, therefore, have to consider the purchase of other various accessories.

It is high time you order this mop broom holder for you to have certainty of the best organization in your home. With this holder, you will hold brooms of different sizes and shapes with ease.


  • Multi-function to hold mops and brooms.
  • Space saving and fashionable design.
  • Keeps brooms organized and tidy.
  • Six hooks and five slots with many organization needs.
  • Guide in the  mount of different products with ease.
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Pros Cons
  • Easy to install
  • Large capacity to hold many brooms
  • Best organizer to keep tools tidy and neat
  • Easy to use
  • A heavy broom slips away from the slot

4. Mop Broom 11 Inch Wall Mounted Holder

Mop Broom Holder Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Long-Term Use 11Inch Cleaning Tool Organizer 2Packs with 4 Clips & 6 Hooks for Home Garage Garden Tool Storage
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The capacity of mop and broom holders wall mounted will assist you in determining if a broom will serve you adequately or not. This organizer can offer storage capacity to 10 objects.

They keep the dusters, brushes, and broom mops tidy, dry, and less bacterial. Besides, the item is also highly durable similar to best electric straightening brush.

Its tool rack has been constructed using stainless 304 steel for the hardware and body. Furthermore, the mop wall holder is also highly convenient.

Its snap-out and snap-in design will allow quick access while the silicone grippers will be grasping the handles securely. This item’s application is wide.

Each bracket is 11 inches long and best mop and broom holder for use in the basement, garage, mudroom, workshop, and closet door.

Generally, these products are durable. Their different tool racks construction uses stainless 304 steel. This is steel which is great for use by both the hardware and the body.

This way, you will get to use these moppers perfectly for a long time. When it comes to prices, these are less expensive products. Despite that, they are made of convenient design.

They snap out and in and thus support a quick and simple overall access process. Another thing, the grippers and silicone grasp handle makes sure these devices remain intact at all times.


  • Offers a great storage capacity.
  • Well constructed and unique tool rack.
  • Snap-in and snap-out unique design.
  • 11 inches items wide application.
  • Durable and convenient unique products.
Pros Cons
  • Convenient design
  • Durable
  • High capacity
  • Has wide applications
  • None

5. MOHOO Broom 2Pack Mop Holder

Gorilla Grip Mop and Broom Holder, Easy Install Wall Mount Storage Rack, Organize Cleaning Supplies, Garden Tools, Organizer for Home Kitchen, Garage, Closet Pantry Laundry Room, 3 Slot 4 Hooks, Black
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The MOHOO wall mount broom holder is ideal in holding of tools, rakes, mops, and brooms. Therefore, it is perfect for use in the office, garage, closet, and kitchen.

Since it comes with a weatherproof design, it can work outdoors with ease. The triangle silicone buckle is known for adjusting the sizes based on the various thickness of the handles.

As a result, you will prevent slipping. You will also have the capacity of holding to even 3 pounds making the organizer strong and sturdy than the plastic holder.

There are two ways for one to consider installing the Mohoo broom wall mount, including self-adhesive and screws drilling. You will be choosing the installation, which is suitable for you regarding your floor surface.

In the case of a smooth surface, you should consider using self-adhesive. On the other hand, screw drilling is best used on the rough surface.

Additionally, it may be reused or disassembled. Generally, these products are great for use both outdoors and indoors. It makes sure the tools, rakes, mops, and brooms are well helped in the right manner.

Their design is weatherproof and makes people use these products at all times while outdoors. This implies you will succeed on the shed of a variety of garden tools. When it comes to installation, the process takes place in two different ways.


  • Great for use in garages and offices.
  • Silicone buckle guides in adjustment process.
  • Strong and sturdy three pounds item.
  • Installation and two-way quality items.
  • Suitable for both rough and small walls.
Pros Cons
  • The installation process has two ways
  • Organizes a home
  • Practical and economical
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile use
  • Many storage slots
  • Stiffer wall hangers thus affect the drywall

6. Garden Tools Commercial Organizer

Mop Broom Holder, Garden Tools Wall Mounted Commercial Organizer Saving Space Storage Rack for Kitchen Garden and Garage,Laundry Offices(5 Position with 6 Hooks)
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The only way for one to save on space is by ensuring you store items well. This organizer will assist you adequately in storing items. It is sturdy enough to hold up to even 35-lbs.

The six hooks will assist you in holding the lighter things such as the small brushes and wipers. Since the organizer is multi-functional.

The wall mount broom holder provides a solution to organize and clean the offices, laundry room, garden, garage, and kitchen. It is time you buy this product, which is easy to use and install.

The six screws come as a package to automatically hold the wall mount organizer by lifting the handle while rolling the balls automatically.

In long last, you will end up adjusting to the handle’s thickness to grip it securely. Generally, these are products that are multifunctional and work with less effort.

Again, they are sturdy and waterproof and thus work with a lot of ease. Their non-slip nature makes them efficient and sturdy and they support all-time use.

Again, the broom holder offers the best solution This way, you will organize and clean different products with minimal effort. When it comes to installation, the process takes place with minimal effort.

There are six anchors and six screws which makes the packaging process even much simpler. Make sure you lift the handle and engage in the roll of handles.


  • Strong and sturdy enough product.
  • Six hooks holds variety of six items at the same time.
  • Broom holder is multi-functional and holds different items.
  • Guide in organization of items with less effort.
  • Handle’s thickness offers high levels of adjustment.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to install and use
  • Multifunctional
  • High-quality item
  • Saves on storage space
  • Low-quality screws

7. Broom Mop Holder

Broom Mop Holder Wall Mount 16' Installation Broom Mop Hanger Organizer Stainless Steel 3 Racks 4 Hooks for closet-Black
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While buying wall holder for mops and brooms, it is best to buy a metal one. The product will guarantee you of long term services compared to plastic ones.

The 2020 version holder will be resisting daily tarnishing, corrosion, and scratches. Overall, the item will end up retaining its great appearance for long periods.

The practical design of this best mop and broom holder will assist you in storing many brooms with ease at ago. It has four hooks and three non-slip racks that will save space using the strong organization and compact sizing skills.

This item’s durability is a guarantee because of the 304 stainless steel with 2mm to ensure its longevity. The manufacture of the mop wall holder is using 304 steel that is sturdy to prevent rust and corrosion.

It is thus highly ideal for use in outdoor and indoor use. Ordinarily, they are made of silicone and non-slip designs. The mop holder guides the hold of brooms and mops intact and this implies your tools will never get to fall at any time.

There are silicone and three-pound designs. It offers the best form of friction and this is the best key. Another thing, the handle diameter is made of different racks.

These are racks that hold products of high diameter ranges. This way, you will succeed in the solution of storage and problem places with less effort.


  • Practical design to simplify storage.
  • Made of non-slip and four hooks racks.
  • Made of 2mm and stainless 304 steel.
  • Offers protection from corrosion and rust.
  • Great for use both indoors and outdoors.
Pros Cons
  • Made of excellent materials
  • Never rusts
  • Had adjustable size
  • Silicone non-slip design
  • Fails to hold tools well while placed upright

8. Berry Ave Broom-Holder

Berry Ave Broom Holder Wall Mount and Garden Tool Organizer, Closet Storage, Kitchen Rack, Home Organization and Garage Organizer for Rake or Mop Handles Up to 1.25-Inches, Hanger Plus 6 Hooks (Grey)
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It is time you change your home outlook and change it to a home décor using Berry holder. In case you have cleaning supplies that are taking over the garage shelving, kitchen, and bathroom, it is time you consider decluttering using this organization system.

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You may use it both indoors or outdoors to assist you in tidying up the office, garage, closet storage, and kitchen. It is best in use in commercial use as a result of the weatherproof design.

The wall holder for mops and brooms will also be working in the shed or outdoors with your various garden tools. You will realize that the installation process is ridiculous due to the anchors and screws required in the shelf’s secure mounting.

Adding to that, these are products that have no mess and no slides. The broom hanger comes as commercial-grade which has a capacity of 35 pounds.

They are rubber double gripped and are spring-loaded. Besides, there are Ave and Berry utility hooks with the ability to hold different products with ease.

There are dirty rakes and wet mops which work with different baseball bats. As a result, you will not encounter any form of annoyance as you get to use these items.

When it comes to installation, the process takes place with minimal effort. There are new hanging and organizers which work with anchors and screws with minimal effort. Finally, there are step-by-step and clear video instructions that use these items with minimal effort.


  • Guide in the overlal declutter process.
  • Great for use both outdoors and indoors.
  • Screws and anchors simplifies the installation process.
  • Heavy duty and secure unique holder.
  • Supports the organization of holders in a simple manner.
Pros Cons
  • Easy release
  • Non-slip grip
  • Space-saving
  • Many storage spots
  • Garage, kitchen, and garden-friendly
  • Jamming rollers

9. YEFU Mop and Broom Holder

YEFU Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mount-4 PCS, C-Shape Self Adhesive Anti-Slip Hook, Holds Up to 5 LBS, Broom Hanger Organizer Wall Mounted, Easy to Storage
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Do you desire to try using the new mop and broom holders wall mounted? Your desire will come to pass while using the YEFU organizer to help you save on space.

To increase the lifespan of this item, you need to ensure you spend 24 hours before considering hanging things in this holder. Similarly, professional hair dryer holder is also easy for one to pick and place.

Therefore, you will keep the room well organized without spending a lot of item while organizing. Many people love using this wall mount broom holder since it has a hole-free design.

Therefore, you will finish the installation process in a few seconds. It is easier for one to determine the installation position. It is thus best in use in smaller spaces.

You may as well consider carrying the broom wall mount holder to the camper since it is highly portable. These products are simple for all the different people to place and as well pick.

They are nail-free and thus the installation process takes place with minimal effort at all times. Besides, there is a C-Type and self-adhesive hook design.

You will succeed to use these devices without having to finish or drill to engage in the overall installation process. Time has come to maximize the whole house utility because these products make sure the room is well organized. There are anti-slip and C-type which works with broom holder.


  • Adopts to Nano and different adhesives.
  • Smaller hooks and have great overall capacity.
  • Simple to pick and place at all times.
  • Conventional brooms and mops handles.
  • Secure and intact broom holders.
Pros Cons
  • Hole-free design
  • Unsightly holes
  • Waterproof
  • Great ability
  • Average lifespan

10. Imillet Mop and Broom Holder

2 Pack Imillet Mop and Broom Holder, Wall Mounted Organizer Mop and Broom Storage Tool Rack with 5 Ball Slots and 6 Hooks (Black)
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A tidy room looks more appealing to those living in it and the visitors. Here is Imillet organizer with six hooks and five ball slots design to help you organize the cleaning tools in small spaces. The special design of spring clips comes with a rolling rubber ball, ensuring the mop and broom will never fall out as it includes heavy stuff, stick vacuum, dirty rakes, and a wet mop. The compatibility of the item is something that should guide you in buying this holder. You may use the item in offices, laundry, kitchen, garden, and garage. The grip of the wall holder for mops and brooms will assist you in holding all things securely and tightly. Furthermore, the broom holder is spring loaded with spring clips and rolling rubber ball to ensure the mop and broom will remain intact at all times. It is time you order this product today and acquire quality and reliable services.


  • It has six hooks and five ball slots design to help you organize the cleaning tools in small spaces to save on space
  • The special design of spring clips comes with a rolling rubber ball, ensuring the mop and broom will never fall out as it includes heavy stuff, stick vacuum, dirty rakes, and a wet mop.
  • You will realize the grip of the wall holder for mops and brooms will assist you in holding all things securely and tightly
  • These broom holders are spring loaded with spring clips and rolling rubber ball to ensure the mop and broom will remain intact at all times.
  • They are heavy duty brooms and thus will help you in gripping all brooms tightly and thus arrange the house conveniently
Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty item
  • Spring-loaded
  • Helps in tidying of homes
  • Easy installation
  • Low-quality screws

Best Mop And Broom Holder Buying Guide

Many things are worth considering while shopping for best mop and broom holder. These factors will help you better understand the different aspects you need to put in mind, including:

Maximum weight and capacity

Single grippers are common as they will be coming with five slots and six hooks. There are some which do not have hooks and are wide to carry compared to heavy-duty tools. The weight which the unit will be handling and the gripper weight ought to be corresponding. You ought to select some brooms to help in storing of the brooms with their weight. Overall, you will end up buying an item that is worthy of you.

Steel or Plastic Construction

Steel is a strong material and thus can handle the weight of the broom. It is the best materials to an organizer in outdoor use since it can resist varying weather elements. Some plastic models are bulky and thus will be performing better. As a result, you will guarantee that the organizer will be matching with the interior design.

Rack or Single Broom Organizer

A rack is an ideal way for organizing different brooms to ensure there is safety in given households. However, the organizer has little space in the provided mop and broom holders wall mounted. Rather, you ought to consider purchasing single holder hooks and later arrange them with your preferences.


Neat spaces and organization are among the main aim of families. With this best mop and broom holder, you have a guarantee that your desire for neat spaces will come to pass. Broom organizers come in different designs. As a result, you need to determine what you already have and get the wall holder for mops and brooms that matches your needs. Overall, you will have proper storage of your various supplies.

The Home-It Mop and Broom Holder is the best mop and broom holder in the market. With this broom, you have guarantee it will offer storage capacity to 10 brooms while keeping the dusters, brushes, and broom mops tidy, dry, and less bacterial.

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