How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage

How Long Do Security Cameras Keep Footage – Easy Formula And Killer Point

A Security Camera is a necessary tool if you want to ensure the safety of your home, office, or any other property. This device keeps a record of all things. However, the question is, How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage. Generally, a Security Camera keeps footage for 30 to 90 days. The period of holding footage may vary due to some factors. The factors that work in this function include video resolution, Number of Cameras, Amount of Storage Space, and Compression.

Besides, many Security Cameras can store footage for six months to one year. Banks, Super shops, hotels, retail stores need to store footage for a long time. Keep browsing this write-up to know the details about CCTV camera footage. After completing this write-up, you will know every essential thing about Security Camera Footage.

Do Security Cameras Record All The Time?

All the Security Cameras are not made with the same function. Different types of cameras have different functions. Some Security Cameras record all the time. When some other only records when detecting any moving object. The Wired Security Cameras for Home will send you an alert when it detects any moving object on your surveillance area. You can select any of the programs to record footage manually.

Do security cameras record all the time?

There are other types of records in the Security Camera, which is called schedule recording. You can select the time to record by setting the time. Among the three kinds of recording types on Security Camera Motion recording and Schedule, the recording has a great benefit. Because this type of recording type doesn’t contain much storage on the storage device, they only record a specific motion or specific time. You need not spend time looking on screen for your important footage.

How Long Do Security Cameras Keep Footage

You place a CCTV camera on your property to ensure safety. You thought installing a security camera in a suitable place is enough on this issue. You are wrong. If your camera stop recording for low storage capacity, then your Security Camera is nothing but a waste of money. Thus knowing How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage is important. You should check the factors before installing a Security Camera.

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How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage

We have gone through with various types of security cameras and evaluated how long they keep the footage. We find some essential factors that determine the time of recording. According to the type of Security Camera, the factors may change. An IP Camera and an Analog camera has not the exact duration of record footage. Let’s see what factors work in these functions in detail.

1. Resolution

A High-resolution camera always has little storage capacity. High-quality video needs extra space to store. For that reason, the camera with low resolution can keep footage for a long time. If your storage capacity is huge, you can choose a High-resolution camera to surveillance your property.

2. Number of Cameras

Storing capacity has a relation with the number of cameras. The more spare cameras you have, the more extra space you need to store video. If you increase the number of cameras, you have to develop the storage ability. To surveillance your property, you need one more camera to capture the entire area. So, storage capacity matters on that issue. 

3. Amount of Storage Space

This plays a significant role in storing footage. If your system doesn’t have enough space to store footage, it is nothing. Enriching the storage space is the first and foremost condition to keep video footage for a long time. People use different kinds of storage capacity like internal storage, SD Cards.

4. Compression

Many cameras have the feature of compressing the video before storing it. This frees up space on the storage device. Many cameras have this feature nowadays. With that kind of camera, you can store more video footage than any other CCTV camera. This feature can compress the video’s size so that a huge durational video became short in length.

5. Bitrate

The bitrate plays a vital role in compressing a video, which frees up space. Video with a higher bitrate takes more space than a low bitrate video. The frames of the video also determine the size of the video store on the storage device. Many CCTV cameras have this function, but in IP cameras, you will not get this facility.

How is Video Footage Stored?

To store footage on a security camera, there are many methods available. You can choose your desired way to keep your video depending on your preferences, resources, and individual needs. In the past, people use DVD or VHS tempers to store CCTV camera video. However, this system has been replaced by modern technology. People now use Hard Drives, Servers, SD Cards, and Cloud Storage to store Security Camera videos.

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1. Server Based Storage

Server-based storage is popular for business and organizational purposes. This type of storage can record a massive amount of footage on their server. Server-based storage uses multiple hard drives to store footage. You can set-up your server storage in different places if you worry about a criminal who wants to destroy your footage.

2. NVR vs. DVR


NVR means Network Video Recorder, and DVR means Digital Video Recorders. This type of storage is commonly used for IP cameras. This allows accessing the footage from a web browser or a smartphone. The most widely used storage device is DVR. It works with only an analog security camera.

3. SD Card Storage

Many cameras come with built-in memory. But they have a limited number of space. They are unable to store a massive amount of footage with large size. If you want to keep much footage, you need to upgrade the SD Card. Using an SD Card as a CCTV storage device is much easy and convenient than any other option.

4. Cloud Storage

Storing video recording into cloud storage is a great thing. You need not carry or manage an extra thing to hold your video footage. This storing function is much popular nowadays. Because this is most safe than any other storage device, your footage will be safe on the cloud. You can entree the cloud from any place you want.


Knowing How Long do Security Cameras Keep Footage can help you manage the storage device. If you don’t have the right idea about how a Security Camera stores video, you may face some trouble. Your system may be unable to store footage due to insufficient space. This type of circumstance is unexpected because we install a security camera for constant surveillance.

Before installing a security camera, selecting the right kind of storage device is essential. From the various types of storage devices, choose your option based on your need and preference.

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