How to Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears

How To Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears – The Right Way

A common issue that every sheep firm owner experience is the shears don’t cut the sheep wool like before. Actually, it’s not your shear’s fault. Due to the lack of care, this thing happens with the shear machine. To ensure safe operation and long-term performance, this electrical tool requires proper maintenance.

So, How to sharpen electric sheep shears? You can sharpen the shears at home by using a coarse honing stone, hand file, or an angle grinder. It will ensure the shear’s best quality and provides ease while shearing. This guide will share the methods of sharpening the electric sheep shears effectively along with their maintenance tips.

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What You Need to Sharpen Your Electric Sheep Shears?

Before starting sharpening the Electric Sheep Shears, ensure you have all tools that will be required. The below things you will need while sharpening the shear.

  • Screwdriver
  • Sharpening stone or angle grinder
  • Cleaning brush
  • A large and small magnet
  • Paper towel or wet cloth,
  • Grit Dry or Wet Sandpaper
  • Warm water.

How to Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears

In this guide, you will find How to sharpen electric sheep shears by using a sharpening stone and hand filer. Before that, prepare the shear by following the below guidelines.

How to Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears

  • Unscrew all the screws from the clipper using a screwdriver.
  • Clean the shear with a brush which will allow you to sharp it easily.
  • Remove all the gunk and rust from the blade.
  • Using warm water or isopropyl alcohol, wash the blades adequately.
  • Before sharpening the blades, dry them properly and install them on the clipper.
  • Make a test to ensure the need for further improvement in performance.
  • After that, remove them again and set them up. Make sure to face the beveled edge of the blade upward.

Now, let’s learn the step-by-step instructions for sharpening.

Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears with a stone

Step 1: Placing the Shears

To pick up the Shears blade securely, use a magnetic holder. To pick the larger blades, you can use larger magnets and for smaller blades, use small magnets. Make sure to extend the edge of the blade forward. The magnet will prevent the blade from falling off or causing an accident.

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Step 2: Run the Shears Over the Stone

Dump the stone with paraffin oil and then hold it firmly with one hand. Use another hand to hold the shears. Hold the stone at a 10-15° angle and start moving the blades. Turn the shear over and repeat the process again.

Step 3: Reassemble the Clippers

Once the sharpening process is done, use a grit dry or wet sandpaper to give the blades an even look. After that, wipe the shear with a wet cloth or paper towel. Then reassemble the blades with the clippers tightly.

Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears with a grinder

Sharpen Electric Sheep Shears with a grinder

Step 1: Prepare the disc

Prepare the disc, clamp, and grinding paper (one is coarse, and another one is fine). To protect the grit, make sure to have a newspaper. To apply the latex glue, you can use a brush. After that, prepare the machine to start the sharpening process.

Step 2: Start Sharpening

Start the grinder machine and hold the little shear with the small magnet and hold it over the running grinder. Sharp both sides of the shear. Then using the larger magnet to sharp the larger shears.

Step 3: Reassemble the shear

Just like before, once the process of sharpening is done, reassemble the shears. Then lubricate the shears adding a few drops of oil to prevent them from overheating. Turn the shear machine on for a couple of minutes.

Regular Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Sheep Shears

Every electrical equipment requires pepper care to keep the quality and provide the best service. Here we will share 5 basic important maintenance tips for your electric sheep shears.

Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Sheep Shears

1. Clean the Air Filler Screen

You will find the air filler screen near the cord and on/off switch. This filler screen requires regular inspection and cleanliness. It will ensure that the electric sheep shear’s motor has plenty of air. With the dirty screen and restricted airflow, the motor will become overheated. This thing leads the shears unable to hold.

2. Lubricate the Shears Ports

Most electric sheep shears come with several oil ports on their headpiece. To ensure adequate lubrication you should use heavy-duty oils in these ports. After every two or three uses, you should lubricate the shears. Proper lubrication prevents the shears from overheating and frictions.

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3. Grease the Internal Gears

Depending on the frequency of use you should grease the internal gears of the shears 1 or 2 times per year. To do this take off the clipper head and use any sheep shear gear grease. Make sure to pack a good amount of grease in the head of the shears. After that, reattach the shearing head to the clipping.

4. Inspect the Tension

The cutter should always attach to the shear tight enough and not fly off the shears. Make sure not over tight it; otherwise, it will cause over friction and put too much pressure on the blades. Also, it will make the shears too hot and unbearable for the sheep.

5. Clean and Store Combs & Cutters

After every shearing, do not forget to clean the combs and cutters. After cleaning, put a light oil and store them so that it can’t have rust. You can use very hot water for soaking the blades before storing them for the winters. This will loosen the dirt, rust, and grease; also make the blades easy to clean.

Once cleaned, ensure complete drying with cloth or paper towel. Remember, a single drop of water will cause rust to the blades. Running the shearing blades in winter makes them dull quickly.


Shearing the sheep is an essential task otherwise, they can get overheat and fatigue. Also, shearing the flocks keeps the sheep well groomed, free from pests, and prevents heat stress. Thus, keeping an electric sheep shear is a must equipment for any sheep farm.

But after using it several times the sheep shearing blades can’t cut adequately. So, you have to sharpen them so that they can perform like before. We shared the methods of How to sharpen electric sheep shears here. Also, we show the basic maintenance steps to keep up the quality of your electric sheep shear.

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