How To Use An Ironing Board Properly

How To Use An Ironing Board Correctly – Complete Guide To Ironing

The invention of iron boards makes the ironing process absolutely hassle-free and much effortless. It helps to keep everyone well-groomed and looking good. Though an iron board is essential, some people find themselves in a full-on battle while using it. Therefore we will show you How to use an ironing board correctly.

Actually, using an iron board is not a big deal. Simply open the board, adjust the height, iron your clothes, close the board, and store it. Isn’t it a simple task? Yet, someone finds it surprisingly difficult. So, for your convenience, we will go through the step-by-step instructions of using an iron machine.

Does An Ironing Board Make A Difference?

To keep the clothes wrinkle-free and presentable, one of the easiest ways is using iron boards. Though the functions have not changed much but with the adding features and benefits, it becomes necessary. You can use wall-mounted, portable, and tabletop iron boards, as per your comfort and preference.

To make the ironing process much safer and easier, some iron boards come up with Magnetic Ironing Mats or insulated ironing mats. With all these features and types, iron boards have become more convenient. So, definitely, using an iron board can make a huge difference.

How To Use An Ironing Board Properly

As we said before, you will find several types of iron machines in the market. We will focus on the standing iron boards. Because these iron boards require more set-up than the others and also these are the most common choice for ironing. So, let’s have a look at How to use an ironing board.

How To Use An Ironing Board Properly

Step 1: Find the Lever Press

Almost all iron boards come with a lever press which is used for opening and closing the board. To find the lever, press look at the iron board’s underside or near the edge of the board. Now you can open the board using two methods. These are-

Lifting from flat:

Place the iron board on the floor. Hold the lever press with one hand and use another hand to hold the other side of it. Now, squeeze the lever, and it will start lifting up. Once the board fully lifts up release the lever.

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Leaning forward from upright:

Make the board stand on its rear legs, and the nose of the board should point upward. Now, hold the lever press with one hand and the other on the opposite side. At this time, your arm will lay across the board cover.

Start squeezing the lever press and lower the board’s nose. The rear legs should unfold on the floor while lowering the nose of the board. Keep lowering the nose until it’s become parallel to the floor. Once it becomes level, release the lever press.

Step 2: Adjusting the Height

The perfect height of the standing iron boards should fit even with your hip. While seated, the board should be placed above your hip so that you can keep your legs under the board. There are two different methods of adjusting heights.

Notched Boards:

Press the lever press, then lift up the board to raise it and push the board to make it down. Once the iron board surface becomes even with your hip, release the lever. Release the lever when the board is placed above your hip when sitting.

Continual Height Adjustment Boards:

With this board, the adjusting process is the same as the notched boards except for one thing. In this board, there is no click for placing the boards. The board will lock automatically where you release the lever.

Step 3: Ironing Clothes

The iron board’s cover can absorb the moisture; thus, it can wet the underneath fabric. Which leads the iron board to get soaked and damaged. Also, iron heat can cause damage to the inner products of the cover.

Therefore, always use a mister or spray before iron; it will moisturize the fabric. To protect the underneath products from the steam and heat, you can use a dry towel. After finishing the ironing process, leave it for some time to get cool.

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Step 4: Close the Iron Board

Now follow these two methods to fold the iron board holding the lever.

While Standing:

While pressing the lever, you should lean the board backward to its rear feet. At this time, raise its nose upward and lower the backside to the floor. As the board’s legs start folding close, the front feet will rise off.

While Sitting:

Press the lever and, bringing the iron board, start squatting to the floor. Release the lever after lowering the board to the floor. Keeping the nose point upward, raise the board and secure its folded legs in the leg-lock.

Advantages of Ironing Boards

Whether you do regular or occasional ironing, using iron boards will be the ideal choice for you. To know the reasons see the below section.Advantages of Ironing Boards

  1. They are handy, portable, and designed with great dimensions.
  2. With the added pad or covers, ironing becomes much hassle-less and accurate.
  3. Iron boards are enough sturdy and durable with their metal, chrome, and wood top materials.
  4. If you have a tight space, there are wall-mounted and foldable iron boards for you.
  5. You can easily iron any type of clothes on iron boards starting from t-shirts, shirts, long dresses, etc.
  6. Iron boards eliminate the hassle of going to the laundry.


Iron boards make it easier to make the clothes presentable quickly. Now you don’t have to go outside for laundry as you can do it by yourself at home. Depending on how you use the Iron board, it can be a smooth or headache process.

This useful article shows How to use an ironing board correctly. The above steps will help you greatly to handle the iron board and work with it easily. Beginners can learn the proper use of iron boards. Remember, when you handle the iron board carefully and maintain it properly, it will serve you for a longer period.

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