10 Best Shoes With Wheels For Adults

10 Best Shoes With Wheels For Adults [2021 Updated]

Searching for Shoes with wheels for adults or kids? You might have noticed new trends of people wearing shoes having wheels. Some might be surprised to see someone speeding around with just shoes on. The shoes with wheels for adults have a bottom that helps them glide around. Or is it that you might want to get one for your child, friend, sibling, or lover? It is good to learn about the product as you prepare to buy it. Or you thought it’s time to get new Skating Shoes. Here is a review of the best skating shoes with 4 wheels. They are quality and affordable shoes on wheel.

Welcome to the 10 best shoes with wheels for adults and kids. Each item has been carefully researched and you are guaranteed of its quality.

List of 10 Best Shoes With Wheels For Adults

1. Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe

Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)
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Do you Know Heely’s? These are shoes with wheels for adults that roll. They are unique lightweight and powerful shoes that feature one stealth wheel in the heel. This allows athletes with different skills to run, walk, and change to a roll in an instance. You can remove the wheel transforming your Heely’s into a fashionable pair of street shoes.

The shoes are 100% Synthetic nubuck with a rubber sole. Additionally, they have a smooth toe classy silhouette. You can get your pair of shoes with roller in Black /Neon Multicolor, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Black/Neon, or Grey/Pink.

The shoes are imported. Wheels are inclusive and plugs are meant to fill the holes if you choose to remove the wheels and wear them as regular shoes with 4 wheels. Sizes range from little kids, bigger kids, and adults.


  • Heely’s come with a smooth toe classy silhouette and is made of 100% Synthetic nubuck with a rubber sole.
  • The shoes are light yet powerful with a stealth wheel in the heel that enables one to run, walk or roll at any time.
  • There are many choices since the shoes come in Black /Neon Multicolor, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Black/Neon or Grey/Pink.
  • Anyone can get their Heely’s. The shoes are Unisex and they come in many sizes for little kids, bigger kids, and adults.
  • Wheels and plugs are inclusive and wheels can be removed and the holes filled with plugs to wear the shoes as regular shoes.
Pros Cons
  • A quality design
  • Light shoes
  • Unisex for all sizes
  • Very comfortable
  • None

2. Utafantasy Roller Shoes

Ufatansy Roller Shoes USB Rechargeable Roller Skate Shoes LED Fashion Sneakers Kids Skateboarding for Girls Boys Shoes with Wheels Comfortable Mesh Surface Thanksgiving Christmas Day Best Gift
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Looking for kids Roller shoes? Utafantasy Roller shoes are LED Fashion sneakers with wheels for adults for both girls and boys. They are USB Rechargeable Skate Shoes with a comfortable mesh surface for shoes with wheels for adults. This makes the shoe comfortable even after wearing it for long periods.

The sneakers are laced come in many colors. Skating aside, the shoes are fashionable and safe. The lighted roller shoes for adults look great for a rave party, the club, or even a night out. However, the battery can’t be changed.

Refer to a chart size correctly to make sure you get the right shoes for you. Contact us if you have a problem with the shoes on wheel after receiving them. The gift message and gift wrap are available. One of the best gifts for kids.


  • A breathable mesh surface for the wheels and even after wearing it for long it feels fresh and comfortable.
  • The shoe is sleek and may be laced or not with many different and great designs and comes in up to 18 different colors you can choose from.
  • Cool LED roller shoes that are fashionable and multipurpose since they look great for a night out, raving, or clubbing.
  • Comes in different sizes for small and bigger kids for both girls and boys and they are easy to roll with.
  • Good quality skating shoes, the lights work and the heels work great and don’t scuff easily.
Pros Cons
  • Great design
  • Good quality
  • Lighted shoes
  • A good gift for kids
  • The battery is not replaceable

3. Heelys Propel Terry Kid’s Sneaker

HEELYS Boys' Propel Sneaker, Black/Grey Terry, 6 Medium US Big Kid
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Here is a great pair of shoes with wheels for adults (aged 4-8 years) and big kids (aged 8-12 years). Heelys Propel Terry Kid’s Sneaker is 100% Synthetic with a rubber sole. It is a wheeled Skate shoe. The shaft runs approximately low – top from the arch.

These sneakers come in Charcoal/Pink Terry, Navy/Grap, Navy/Blue, Black/Grey Terry, and Grey/Red Terry. Therefore you have great options as you consider your pick. They have a single stealth wheel which makes it easy for kids to learn skating with.

Heely’s allow skaters with different skills to run, walk, and easily roll. Due to their lightweight, kind, and powerful nature they are great rolling shoes with roller. You can transform your Heely’s into a pair of trendy street shoes by removing the wheel.


  • These Heely’s are known for their quality as skating shoes and are 100% Synthetic with a rubber sole.
  • Have a single stealth wheel making skating easier for beginners and you are guaranteed you will enjoy your skating with this one.
  • Are light yet powerful and comfortable and you can roll, walk or run easily with these sneakers.
  • You will find the sneakers in a variety of colors Navy/Grap, Charcoal/Pink Terry, Black/Grey Terry, Grey/Red Terry, and Navy Blue.
  • The wheel can be removed and your skating shoes will now be a fashionable pair of street shoes.
Pros Cons
  • Good Quality
  • Are light
  • A great wheel
  • Quick delivery
  • Suitable for skating on smooth surfaces only

4. Alikuass Roller Shoes

Aikuass USB Chargable LED Light Up Roller Shoes Wheeled Skate Sneaker Shoes for Boys Girls Kids
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Most kids like Roller shoes with LED lights. Alikuass Roller shoes are exactly that and are USB chargeable wheeled skate shoes for boys and girls. The light modes and colors of these shoes are changeable making it even more interesting for the kids. Lights make it excellent for Halloween, Club, Birthdays Thanksgiving, and other celebrations. The switch is below the hook and loop strap for the lights.

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These sneakers with wheels for adults come in Rose Double and single wheels, Black-Red single and double wheel, Pink double and single wheels, Purple Single and double wheels, Blue double and single wheel, White single and double wheels.

The roller can be hidden by the button at the heel and thus you can use the shoes as ordinary shoes. An elastic band that is easily adjustable to hook and loop for easy off and on closure keeps the feet in position. Refer to the shoe size correctly when ordering.


  • The sneakers have a breathable woven upper and are therefore soft and comfortable additionally protecting the feet from wear and tear.
  • An elastic band that is easily adjustable to loop and hook for easy on and off closure to maintain the feet in position.
  • Beautiful and stylish sole that is highly elastic with an irregularly arranged texture that increases friction with the ground.
  • You can hide the roller using the button at the heel and use the shoes as ordinary sports shoes.
  • Blinking Roller shoes with multiple colors meaning light modes can be changed and the battery recharged when it is low.
Pros Cons
  • Good quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Lights can be changed with 3 color modes and 7 colors
  • 2 in 1 shoe and rollers
  • Lighting issues

5. Ehauuo Kids Shoes

Ehauuo Kids USB Charging LED Light up Shoes with Wheels Retractable Roller Skates Shoes Roller Sneakers for Unisex Girls Boys Beginners Gift
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Looking for Girls or Boys Beginners Gift? These sneakers with wheels and retractile roller skates are light-up USB Charging shoes. The light button changes the color. Both the charging button and light button are concealed inside the roller shoes for adults. With 7 colors and 15 light modes, it’s the perfect gift for kids during celebrations.

The shoes have a unique design and come with options of Double or single wheel rollers. Press the button behind the shoes with 4 wheels removes the front wheel and shrinks the rear one and the shoe becomes a flat sneaker. With up to 12 color designs for the upper part, these choices are very attractive.

You are free to contact us with any questions before and after having our product. In case you aren’t satisfied with our service or product you are guaranteed to have your money back and exchange in not more than 30 days.


  • Made with good material, lightweight, comfortable and breathable shoes that are fashionable, safe for the environment, and durable.
  • A charge interface hidden inside the shoes with the recommended charging time not less than 2 hours but not exceeding 4 hours.
  • The LED can’t be damaged since it is encapsulated in epoxy resin. Furthermore, it is waterproof thus water won’t damage the shoe.
  • Can be either single or double wheel roller shoes. By holding the button at the back of the shoe you can hide the rear wheel and take out the front wheel making the shoe a flat ordinary shoe.
  • There are multiple shoes to choose from with several shoe designs and multiple shoe colors.
Pros Cons
  • Great price
  • The lights are cool
  • Good quality
  • Fast delivery
  • No proper guide on how to put the front wheel back

6. Double-Row Wheel Deformation Shoes

Double-Row Deform Wheel Automatic Walking Shoes Invisible Deformation Roller Skate 2 in 1 Removable Pulley Skates Skating Parkour
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This shoe is made by Wedsf as a walking shoe with an invisible roller skate that can be pulled when skating. The material used for the interior is a breathable net to enable ventilation. The interior space protects your foot besides being very comfortable. The outer layer is made of hydrolysis resistant and highly anti-encrusting materials. All this in addition to a cotton breathable innersole protects the foot and leaves the shoe dry.

It is a very creative design. The shoe is two in one with a pair of hidden wheels in its sole. When you want to switch to skating shoes, turn the switch at the heel and roll. Shine and glide when you want, when you want. Isn’t that cool?

There are a variety of shoe designs and colors to choose from. We recommend you choose your shoe size correctly and enjoy our product. These shoes with roller can be for dancing, disco, party, skating or as a gift


  • The outer layer of the shoe made of hydrolysis resistant and highly anti-encrusting materials to protect your feet as well as being waterproof.
  • A Comfortable interior with a breathable cotton insole and the inner material Hsinchu fabric that is a breathable net for your comfort and protection.
  • Hidden wheels on the sole and you can easily switch to skating shoes or ordinary shoes anywhere at any time by turning the heel switch.
  • Creative and unique designs with different colors available for each shoe design and you will just have to pick your best taste.
  • For boys, girls and adults and they come in different sizes, a perfect gift for anyone.
Pros Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable
  • Sleek
  • Quick delivery
  • Might feel heavy for walking

7. Nsasy Kids Roller Sneakers

Nsasy Kids Roller Shoes Boy Girl Sneakers with Wheels Become Sport Sneaker with Led for Children Gift
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These kids’ sneakers with wheels for adults have wheels and LED fit for both Boys and girls. It is a colorful multi-LED model that charges with a USB cable. Normally a 2-4 hour charge works for 6-8 hours. Nsasy skate shoes have a great quality cloth with mesh technology for ventilation and a synthetic sole to enhance your safety and comfort.

The shoes with wheels for adults are ideal. The first wheel is removable and you can hide the rear wheel by just pressing a button at the heels. Therefore, the shoe can be worn as normal sports shoes. It can be worn anywhere and it would be a great addition to your shoe collection besides skating purposes.

Nsasy is keen on making fun shoes that excite children. With the reviews, high sales, and customer ratings we are proud and happy with what we have delivered. Continue enjoying our Customer Service, Competitive Prices, and Quality and we will keep doing our best.


  • A quality shoe on the inside and outside with the mesh technology and synthetic sole offering comfort, ventilation, and protection to your feet.
  • The multi-LED model is chargeable with a USB cable that enhances the appearance of the shoes making them popular with kids.
  • Different sizes for small kids ranging from size 11-13 and 1-3 and 3.5 to 6.5 for Bigger kids and some adults.
  • The shoes come in various designs and many colors and we are confident you will find a pair of Nsasy Sneakers that suits you.
  • The shoe is versatile and can easily serve as Rollers and as Ordinary sports shoes by pressing the button at the heel.
Pros Cons
  • Are pretty
  • Good lighting
  • Good quality
  • Multipurpose
  • Difficult for a kid to switch the rollers to ordinary shoes

8. Mlyzhe Deformation Roller Skating Shoes

MLyzhe Deformation Roller Shoes Male and Female Skating Shoes Adult Children's Automatic Walking Shoes Invisible Pulley Shoes Skates with Double-Row Deform Wheel,White,40
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A shoe made by Mlyzhe with Double-Row deforming Wheels for children and adults. Like walking roller shoes for adults, the skates are invisible. Are creative skateboarding best lightweight running sneakers as effective as skates and as shoes? In case you feel like slipping, turn the switch at the heel and enjoy your skating.

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Our product is made of quality materials. The outside is made of hydrolysis resistant material making it waterproof and highly encrusting material to ensure your feet are safe. Secondly, the inside is Hsinchu fabric which is a breathable net and a cotton insole to achieve ventilation and great comfort.

Our shoes on wheel come in different sizes. Check out about the 30 designs available and order now. Roll and shine anytime, anywhere. This is one gift idea you should be considering!


  • Quality interior with Hsinchu fabric, a breathable net, and a cotton innersole to achieve great comfort and ventilation.
  • Hidden wheels that come out when you press the button at the rear and you can easily switch from walking to skating.
  • A Quality exterior designed with hydrolysis resistant material to keep it waterproof and highly encrusting material for your feet’s safety.
  • Different sizes for small kids, big kids, and adults and about 30 shoe designs to choose from, Order now!
  • A great gift for anyone with hidden wheels, Easy to skate with, and suitable for disco, parties, and dancing.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • They look good
  • A quality product
  • Great customer Service
  • Hard to tell when the wheels are locked

9. Ylllu Kids Skate Shoes

Ylllu Kids LED Roller Skate Shoes with Single Wheel Light up Roller Shoes Gift for Girls Boys Children
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In need of kids skating shoes? Ylllu has LED roller skate shoes for both boys and girls. The shoe has a wear-resistant, Mesh leather design, fold resistant, and a TPR sole. These excellent materials care for the well-being of both feet. Additionally, the sole has an irregular surface therefore increasing the friction of the shoe for more grip and safety.

The switch of the LED is inside the shoe and once opened and one begins walking they would light automatically. With the shoe being waterproof, the LED is protected from damage by water or liquid elements. The roller can pop up or hide by pressing a button on the heel therefore they are used as skates and best kids shoes with wheels.

This is the ideal gift to a lover, kid, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and Performances. Wear these for a rave party, a night out, or a club and you will easily be noticed. Before ordering, carefully check the size chart.


  • Made with a soft, fold resistant, wear-resistant, comfortable and leather design with top quality materials to care for your feet.
  • TPR sole that is arranged irregularly to increase the friction of the shoes with the ground for more grip ensuring safety.
  • LED lights with a switch that once turned on at the back of the heel and you begin walking they light up automatically adding more style and color to the shoe.
  • Has two lithium batteries and to switch the Skates and Shoes one can hide the roller using a button at the heel.
  • The shoes come in 6 different designs and they are an ideal gift to anyone and they would suit parties and night outs.
Pros Cons
  • Wheels /glide work well
  • Looks good on both kids and adults
  • Good price
  • Easy to use
  • Feel a bit heavy when walking

10. Ylllu Kids Roller Skate Shoes

Ylllu Kids LED USB Charging Roller Skate Shoes with Wheel Shoes Light up Roller Shoes Rechargeable Roller Sneakers for Girls Boys Children
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These Ylllu shoes have multiple colors. The light off/on switch is inside the shoes. One can change the colors or the light modes of the shoes. A USB cable is used when recharging the batteries. You can use this as both ordinary shoes or Roller Skating shoes. Use the button at the heel to control the roller,

Build with quality materials, the shoe is comfortable, has LED lights, rubber soles, and wear-resistant. This guarantees a long life for the shoe as well as great care for your feet. We have 11 cute designs of shoes in different colors. Take your time and select your favorite.

Kids particularly love the lighting and it would be one suitable gift for them. The shoes are good for clubbing, parting, and outings. We highly value you and we would want to give you the best service possible and therefore recommend you check the size keenly before ordering.


  • Well lighted shoes with several light modes and multiple colors that kids would love and look good on.
  • Batteries are rechargeable and the shoes have a USB cable port for charging once the batteries are running low.
  • Made with quality materials guaranteeing comfort and long life and the rubber soles are wear-resistant to take care of your feet.
  • We have various designs and shoe colors as well as different sizes that would impress you and you can order after making a choice.
  • They are multipurpose as skates and as shoes perfect for clubbing, outings, and parties, and switching is pretty easy using the button at the back of the heel.
Pros Cons
  • A nice gift idea
  • Good lighting
  • Easily Charged
  • A Quality shoe
  • None

Factors to Consider when Buying Shoes with Wheels

Many brands selling these shoes and you might not know what to look for. To make it easier for you, below are some of the factors should consider


Some may prefer laced best roller skates for beginners, other fitting shoes, or shoes with straps. Laces are the most common. But the shoe needs to be tight enough to avoid the foot coming out. The foot should not move within the shoe.


These shoes differ in design from ordinary shoes and are known to be more comfortable than ordinary shoes. You should buy the shoe you are most satisfied with


This material is perforated with its primary purpose of allowing airflow in and out of the shoes. It allows users to have these shoes for long periods without discomfort. Mesh minimizes the moisture within the user’s feet.


A good grip will allow you to brake or control movements easily. Skating shoes should have strong treads to give him or her a proper grip.


The best shoes with wheels in the market is the Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe. Its specifications include the Wheels and plugs are inclusive and wheels can be removed and the holes filled with plugs to wear the shoes as regular shoes.

The best recommended shoes with wheels for adults in the market is Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe. Wheels and plugs are inclusive and wheels can be removed and the holes filled with plugs to wear the shoes as regular shoes.

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