Best Toddler Cube Toy for Kids

Best Toddler Cube Toy for Kids (Reviews) in 2021

There are many toys present all over the market. The main challenges concern on which is the best cube toy for you to buy. There are cube toys with music and bright lights. Additionally, others are super sensory and colorful, and thus the best options for one to buy. When you visit the toy store, you will get overwhelmed. Though most packages are detailing stages and ages, you will have challenges determining the toddler cube toy for your children.

The time has come to have relieve as this review has the baby activity cube wooden toys in the market. The toys will suit the young babies while others will grow with your children to even four years. Therefore, read through this review and buy the product that is best for you.

List of Top 10 Best Toddler Cube Toy for Kids

1. VTech Learning Magic Star Yellow Table

VTech Magic Star Learning Table (Frustration Free Packaging), Yellow
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The kids activity block keeps children brightened as it has six different fun activities in Spanish and English. The activities will assist the child in learning and exploring with ease. Besides, the item also comes with a learning table with a steering wheel to help one in driving the gear in the activity table. When you flip on learning electronic pages, you will hear a variety of nursery rhymes.

The music light-up buttons present on the baby toy cubes will help you play music and learn more concerning different colors. The pretended baby will be picked up while pressing in number buttons for you to call on the other animal friends. The baby gift is the best gift for you to offer to babies ranging from 6 months to 3 years old.

The sounds, lights, and colorful nature of this table will surely help the children interact. When kids interact, they learn a lot from their friends and thus improve cognitive thinking. Overall, kids will also improve school performance.


  • 6 fun activities to help children learn and explore
  • Turning steering wheel moves the bear in the activity table
  • Music light-up buttons to play music and know more about colors
  • Gears strengthens the fine motor skills
  • Has 2 AA batteries to encourage all time use
Pros Cons
  • Stimulating by sound, by touch, and visually
  • Educational
  • Many features such as sounds, colors, shapes, and music
  • Great for different ages
  • Not convenient for traveling purposes
  • Hard toy

2. VTech Crawl and Wiggle Multicolor Ball

VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball,Multicolor
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The time has come for you to assist your baby in crawling and moving the animal friends present in the VTech wiggle and crawl ball. The interactive baby activity block will be wobbling and wiggling while encouraging the babies to chase after it. Besides, it is featuring cheerful phrases, sounds, melodies, and songs. The child will press on the bear, cat, and dog buttons while honing the motor skills and learning more concerning numbers, colors, and animals.

The six different animals of kids activity block will be encouraging play. More also, the lights will be attracting the baby’s attention while twisting and spinning animals to promote interaction. The interaction will be facilitated by crawling and playing with the moving balls.

It is time your child gets engaged visually by this toy flashing lights. While the balls are rolling, your child will put all her attention there. As a result, kids will improve their attention while in class. It is through attention that a child will improve their overall performance.


  • Flashing lights attract the kid’s attention
  • Allows twisting and spinning to allow interaction to take place
  • Ball wobbles and wiggles for kids to chase after them
  • 6 animals to encourage children to play for many hours
  • More than 45 songs to keep kids engaged at all times
Pros Cons
  • Allows language development
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Motor skills
  • Visually engaging
  • Only good while kids are supervised

3. VTech Touch and Learn Deluxe Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe (Frustration Free Packaging)
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An expandable desk allows kids to have extended discovery and fun. The desk has five pages and an interactive desk to help you explore engaging content, including colors, music, numbers, and letters. You will select from the expansion packs as each of them will be focusing on a given curriculum such as numbers, animals’ reading skills, and nursery rhymes. Additionally, it will be transforming from the chalkboard, easel, and desk with various storage spaces to allow discovery and play.

Furthermore, the LED display will be illustrating the number of strokes and letter order and the process of drawing basic shapes. The child will be playing with the toddler cube toy telephone while listening to the music layer fun tunes to get good fun.

While looking for an activity desk that will remain useful to a growing child, the best product that comes to your aid is here. With this activity toy, you will avoid buying a new toy as the kid grows.


  • Interactive desk comes with a lot of content to engage the kids.
  • LED display to show how best to draw simple shapes
  • Storage space encourages discovery and play
  • Many vocabulary words to facilitate the learning of learners
  • Progress button shows how learners are faring in the learning process.
Pros Cons
  • Educational
  • Brings a sense of enjoyment
  • Highly multifunctional
  • Easy to set up
  • Screen is touchy

4. BATTOP Multi-Play 10-Inch Play Activity Cube

BATTOP 10-in-1 Activity Cube Learning Toys Wooden Baby Activity Blocks Bead Maze Educational Toys for Kids Multi Play Activity Center Toys Boys Girls (Large-Size)
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Since children are delicate, it is best to buy baby activity block toy made of non-toxic materials. It is a toy that will provide kids with more since it has more than ten activities to perform. The gadgets and bright colors will be encouraging brain development and sensory stimulation. Since pointers may rotate to varying positions, you will guide them in developing the concept with time. BATTOP is the best gift you may consider giving to children. It will assist children in enjoying interactive playtime and also allow for parent and children interaction. It is thus a safe, educational, and fun gift to offer to both girls and boys.

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The time has come for you to ensure your children remain busy for long periods using BATTOP baby activity cube wooden. Therefore, this toy will guarantee you that your kid remains occupied until you finish your work.

Rainbow gears help parents introduce physics, architectural, and mechanical knowledge when they turn game to improve a child’s spatial imagination, logical thinking, and reasoning. You thus have a guarantee that your children will get out successful in school work.


  • Non-toxic materials to guarantee one of the safety of children
  • Smooth edges offer protection
  • Bug sliders improve grasping skills
  • Pointers are rotated to increase kid’s fun
  • Bead maze allows reaching
Pros Cons
  • Safe and non-toxic material
  • Affordable price
  • Polished edge
  • Warranty is hassle-free
  • Materials are eco-friendly
  • Limited matching users

5. VTech Activity Alphabet Cube

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube
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Learning has never been easier in the past until the VTech Activity Alphabet kids activity block was made. The item is featuring five fun sides to discover what the learning cube can offer. Few builders are in love with thirteen building blocks that assist people in learning of alphabets. Blocks will get inserted to slot present on the electronic side. It is time you buy this cube for your kids to assist them in learning every letter. The electronic side bears a number keypad, telephone, and five different piano keys to provide adequate playing experience.

The other different sides of the Alphabet VTech cubes kids have mechanical elements such as put-and-take and peg maze holes leading to the gears, storage area, mirror, and the gliders.

Beads, sliders, and gears improve kids ‘ fine motor skills. Also, the take and put holes will help you in peg maze and repetitive play. You will thus have guarantee is engaged even if you fail to check on them for a long time.


  • Five fun sides ensure learners are entertained at all times
  • Eight hit stages improve kid’s development
  • Beads increase fine motor skills.
  • Take holes to allow for repetitive play
  • Peg maze offers drop fun
Pros Cons
  • Interactive and fun
  • Gift for little kids
  • Five different sides ensure the bay is always entertained
  • Gives early education
  • The bottom lacks functional grip

6. Playskool Poppin’ Pop-up Pals Activity Toy

Playskool Poppin’ Pals Pop-up Activity Toy for Babies and Toddlers Ages 9 Months and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
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Children enjoy playing with bright, cute critters, numbers, and colors. The best toy to purchase for you kid aged nine months and more is the Poppin activity toddler cube toy. The design of this toy will surely please your kid. The switches, key, beeper, and lever will fit the little fingers for ease in pressing, twisting, pushing, pulling, and sliding. The kids will ensure the animals are popping and snap on the lids to shut and play once more.

With these baby toy cubes, your kids will meet monkeys, lions, panda, elephant, and giraffe. The many hands present in the activity toy will be introducing shapes, colors, and animals. The engaging effect and cause will be encouraging fine motor practice.

Kids love it when they are playing with monkey, lion, panda, elephant, and giraffe. Kids enjoy playing with these animals, and they keep them engaged at all times. Besides, the animals play the main role in improving the kid’s motor practice.


  • Kid-friendly designs allow for easier slide
  • The handle is easy to hold, and thus, kids can carry this toy to their preferred place
  • Animals engage kids and allow for fine motor practice
  • Simple storage to help kids carry few equipment’s
  • Helps teach children how to open, slide, twist and close
Pros Cons
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Simple and effective
  • Great learning tool
  • Affordable
  • None

7. Activity Cube Maze-5 in with Bead Baby Activity Cube

Play22 Activity Cube with Bead Maze - 5 in 1 Baby Activity Cube Includes Shape Sorter, Abacus Counting Beads, Counting Numbers, Sliding Shapes, Removable Bead Maze - My First Baby Toys - Original
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Are you looking for the best gift got holidays and birthday? The best cube toy for you is here. It is the best toy for girls, boys, and students. The activity cube is a product of wooden activity centre and includes five activities for playing with the baby blocks and four different color shapes, including spinning shapes, sliding shapes, counting Abacus beads, and four different color shapes.

The baby activity cube wooden will assist you in developing color and shape number counting and color recognition. Coordination on the promotion of hand-eye will help you in solving skills and fostering problems. The cube will help you determine the capacity of utilizing and learning to identify and match the shapes.

Baby wooden activity box is the best item for children to improve on their color and shape recognition. With this cube, kids will learn and utilize it to match and identify shapes through STEM learning and motor skills.


  • Activity cube develops color and shape recognition
  • Has multi-play items to improve creativity and vocabulary
  • Bead Maze cube consists of non-toxic materials
  • Tactile multifaceted activities will help you learn on counting, colors, and shapes
  • Wooden cube with five exercises to help children play with ease
Pros Cons
  • Allows for color and shape recognition
  • Cute
  • Affordable
  • Has lightweight
  • Average sturdiness

8. VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver (Frustration Free Packaging),Yellow
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Little ones love pretending while driving using a steering wheel toy, causing the cute dog character to start moving both back and forth. You need to press on the colorful buttons for the various vehicles and animals to engage in a great education. The baby activity block toy design will encourage imaginative play using the traffic light and the signal lever, triggering the music and fun sounds.

Additionally, the cubes kids gear shifter will be pushing and pulling to introduce the opposites. The baby toy is including three different play modes to ensure the little toddler driver will be learning the music, driving, and learning mode.

Kids aged six months and three years are very active, and thus it is upon you to ensure they remain engaged at all times. It is time you ensure your children learn how to play music, driving, and animal play using this toy.


  • Cute dog character allows kids to move both forth and back
  • Colorful animals introduce different vehicles and animals
  • Baby toy design allows imaginative play to take place
  • Signal lever increases fun sounds
  • Gear shifter pulls and pushes to the opposite sides
Pros Cons
  • Allows imagination
  • Has three ways to play
  • Has great motor skills
  • Affordable
  • Smaller than expected

9. VTech Busy Activity Learners Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube (Frustration Free Packaging)
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Here is a learning toddler cube toy that has five sides to assist in easy playing. When you buy this toy for your kids, you guarantee it will allow exploration and discovery. With the light-up four buttons, you will introduce the shapes, animal sounds, and animal names. The learning Pre-K toy bears 14 different interactive features that are developing fine motor skills to help babies both in sitting up and playing.

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Toys motion sensor can activate the fun sounds at all times to attract the kid’s attention while encouraging crawling. The learning center contains 25 playful melodies and songs, ensuring the toddlers are always entertained and engaged. The time has come for your child to discover more adventures. While using interactive baby toys, you will certainly help your kid improve motor skills. This product contains a cuddly plush, nighttime projector, and storybooks.

It is time you ensure you take your children fun to the next level by ensuring you purchase these learners cube for them. While using the cubes, you have certainty of their quality and long term services. You will also improve on your kids discovery ability.


  • Motion sensor improves fun sounds
  • Playful melodies and songs keep toddlers entertained and engaged
  • 14 interactive features improve the fine motor skills
  • Toys help babies to sit up and play
  • BPA free and safe for kid’s use
Pros Cons
  • Produces fun sounds
  • 14 interactive features to give fine motor skills
  • Suits the six months old kids
  • Affordable
  • Too small

10. Activity Cube Toys for 6-24 Months Toddlers

Activity Cube Toddler Toys for 6-12 Months,Early Educational Musical Toys for 12-18 Months,1 Year Old Babies Play Center, Boys Girls Gifts for 1 2 Years Old
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Congratulations! You have finally found the best toy for your kid. Here is baby activity cube wooden toy that is brightly colored with animal faces. Therefore, it will be attracting the children’s attention and even making them more interesting and focused on the course of playing. It is time you give your kids a childlike and happy world. The different items that will keep your kid happy and engaged include the beads, gears, dial phone, door opening game, steering wheel, multi-mode piano, and shape sorter. The toy is as great as the other wood activity cube.

All the faces have different baby toy cubes that will be assembled easily into varying shapes. Different play methods will assist you in expanding the baby’s creativity and thinking. The baby wood activity cube has varying educational activities that will ensure your kid is busy while learning for a while. The learning process will be stimulating the baby’s feelings while developing different skills.

The product you buy for your child should always be friendly and safe. When children are playing, it is your responsibility to ensure your kids are always safe by buying a product that will offer safety. With this toy, quality is a guarantee.


  • Strong shock resistance offer protection to children hands
  • Educational activities to assist kids remain busy
  • Assembled to varying shapes to suit the kid’s needs
  • Brightly colored to take the learners attention
  • Cartoon animal faces which give kids the urge to play
Pros Cons
  • Best gift for babies
  • Allows development and learning
  • Develops baby’s skills
  • Special design to provide endless fun
  • A bit expensive

Guide on Purchase of Toddler Cube Toy for Kids

Parents are choosy and protective while selecting kids activity block toys for their kids. It is a natural response to parents since their kids’ safety, and welfare are always on their minds. The main factors that each parent should check while buying cube toddler toys for their kids include:


Your kids’ age bracket will assist you in determining which is the best toy for you to buy from wooden activity centre. Most toys are specific to children of a given age. In the toddler cube toy store, you will always see the age which is recommended for given children. In case you desire to acquire more assistance, you need to ask for the salesperson’s aid.


Parents are likely to buy cubes kids toys on what they are passionate about to ensure that kids take after them. Though this idea is good, you need to ensure you do not force your kids into what they have no interest in. While kids are growing, you need to identify what they love most. Appreciate what they love regardless of what it is similar to your interests or not. While you support your kids, you will have the capacity to buy toys that match their interests and passion. As a result, you will enhance skills and creativity.


While buying baby activity block toys for kids, safety should be among the main consideration. Toys at times are hazardous to the health of children. You need to check the security of materials by ensuring the materials used are safe. In case you are having questions or doubts, you need to ensure you open up to the sales or professional representative. Note that the safety of your child always comes fast.

Lightweight Toys

It is good to consider the weight of the baby toy cubes before you make purchases. Since they are heavy, they are likely to cause accidents and deter children from using toys. Always purchase toys that they can manage. As a result, the toys are easy to play and carry.

You now have the factors worth considering while purchasing cubes kids toys. Please consider asking for more guidance from the pediatrician. Toys are educational and entertaining. However, they might be hazardous in case one makes purchases without precautions.


Though there are ten toddler cube toy on this list, your kid does not require all the toys present in this list to be healthy and happy. One toddler cube toy will be enough for your child. The wooden activity box will assist you in developing and making life more fun. Simple toys are the best, and kids love them a lot. Since toys improve children’s bond, you ought to get to the ground and thus start playing.

Best Recommended Toddler Cube Toy for Kids

The top recommended product in the market is the VTech Learning Magic Star Yellow Table. It is famous since it is a neat gadget, floor toy, and a stand-alone table that is best for people aged six months and three years. For a child who can move from one place to another, install this table to look like a table. For children who cannot move, remove the legs and use the cube toy on the floor.

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