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10 Best iPhone Screen Protector and Case Reviews [ 2021 Reviews & Guide ]

These cases offer best iphone screen protector for your iPhone XR. We have rounded up the best cases that will let your iPhone shine while keeping it safe. When you buy one of these cases, you have guarantee of maximum protection of your phone at all times

Therefore, read through this review and determine on which is the best screen protector for your phone. Regardless of the product you select, you have guarantee of quality services for long life.

List of Top 10 Best iPhone Screen Protector and Case Reviews

1. Mkeke Compatible with iPhone XR Case, Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Cover Case for iPhone XR Clear

Mkeke Compatible with iPhone Xr Case,Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Cases for 6.1 Inch
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This is one of the best cases suitable for the price and worth the cash. The iPhone XR slim case was released in 2018 and is compatible with the new Apple iPhone XR.

The case offers a precise charging cut out that fits most cables and mic cutouts. The supreme phone case does not cover the volume.

More so, the iphone screen protector design does not affect wireless charging and comes with six different colors. Its high-quality TPU plus PC gives a soft feeling.

This is a slim and graceful case for your iPhone treasure. Besides, there is an air space that consists of shockproof materials. Thus, these cushions are known to give the strongest protection especially after the case drops suddenly.

Another thing, these best iphone screen protector have a cutout that is known to support the best precise charging process. Thus, it fits well in different mics and cables.

This way, you are certain there is no time in which you will cover the phone’s volume as you use these products. These devices will offer you the best comfortable and firm grip.

This way, you are certain of the greatest comfort at all times as you use your phone. These devices are curved gracefully to help them succeed in the offer the best kind of services. In case you are on the look for a durable protector case, it is high time you settle for these high-quality devices.


  • Graceful and slim case.
  • Their design allows for wireless charging.
  • Guide in reduction of volume ta all times.
  • Compatible with iPhone Apple XR. 
  • Offers the best form of protection.
  • Protects the cover
  • Affordable
  • Graceful and slim case
  • Helps one reduce volume with ease
  • None

2. Caseology Waterfall Case

Caseology Waterfall for iPhone XR Cases for iPhone XR Case (2018) - Clear
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Caseology Waterfall is a high-quality case for protecting your iPhone XR while its clear to display your iPhone to the people. The apple phone case has a slim and attractive design.

The best iphone screen protector is made of hybrid layers of TPU and PC for withstanding impacts and drops. It also features air space technology in the reinforced bumper corners to reduce the drop impact.

Both sides of the iPhone xs max case have a removable film for maintaining a shining and crystal-clear back. The supreme phone case works effectively with wireless pad chargers.

It will enable you to share more of your moments. This is the go-to case for those seeking drop-ready protection and soft feel casing that comes with Best iphone screen protector.

Generally, the package process makes use of a protective film which is easily removable. While used on the two different sides, they offer the best form of shining especially at the back.

Besides, there are minimalist and subtle colors which guide in the complementation of the overall phone’s design. Thus, these are case which are best in use by both the boys and girls.

Again, they have capacity to work with the help of pad and wireless chargers. Also, the waterfall caseology is designed to support use with different XR cases. 


  • Drop-ready and soft feel protection.
  • Air space and reinforced technology.
  • Has crystal-clear and shining sides.
  • Attractive and slim high quality design.
  • Supports wireless charging at all times.
  • Works effectively
  • Comes with crystal clear back
  • Has removable film
  • It has drop-ready protection
  • None

3. CellEver iPhone XR Clear Case Waterproof Shockproof IP68 Certified SandProof Snowproof Full Body Protective Clear Transparent Cover Fits Apple iPhone XR 6.1 inch (2018) – KZ Coral

CellEver Compatible with iPhone XR Case, Clear Waterproof Shockproof IP68 Certified SandProof Snowproof Full Body Protective Clear Transparent Cover Designed for iPhone XR 6.1 inch (2018) - KZ Coral
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CellEver is a veteran case manufacturer that is popular for its protective designs. Featuring the Waterproof XR case, this case is entirely compatible with Apple iPhone XR.

It has a built-in Best iphone screen protector that is wider, ensuring your iPhone is safe in case of any dropout. The case is waterproof up to two meters underwater, perfect for diving, swimming, and daily use.

The best iphone screen protector has a detachable rubber covering the headphone jack and specifically designed plastic to cover the charging port, which is more secure.

The protection gets enhanced by a scratch-resistant screen guard that keeps the screen ultra-clear. Its design has thus won the test of time and proven to be shockproof.

Additionally, these devices are waterproof and are certified with the help of IP68. Thus, they have been tested and designed to support use in 6.6 ft waters in one hour.

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This way, you will succeed in phone protection from all kinds of rain and water. Additionally, the case is lightweight, protective, and safe and thus gives the best levels of protection.

This way, they support daily use and are great devices for use while diving and swimming. Generally, they are shockproof and are tested and designed to offer the best form of protection. This way, these devices can withstand drops and shocks with less effort.


  • Ultra-clear and scratch resistant product.
  • Shockproof and thus stands the tests of time.
  • Rubber covering is detachable.
  • Waterproof case has great levels of compatibility.
  • Built-in and wide screen protector.
  • Scratch resistant
  • Comes with detachable rubber covering
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Screen ultra-clear
  • None

4. JETech Case for Apple iPhone XR 6.1-Inch, Shock-Absorption Bumper Cover, HD Clear

JETech Case for iPhone XR 6.1-Inch, Shockproof Bumper Cover, Clear
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JETech Case design fits well for Apple iPhone XR 6.1 inch. This is a simple best iphone xs screen protector with a clear bumper case and no-frills.

The case fits perfectly and makes the phone to sit level giving you a solid grip. The clear case looks pretty sweet, its scratch-resistant, and ultra-transparent.

You can hence show your new device to the world while keeping it protected. Additionally, it has raised bezels to provide camera and screen protection.

The four corners of best iphone screen protector have a unique shock-absorption design to absorb shocks effectively. It has ideal cutouts for camera, charging ports, and speakers for accessing controls and features quickly.

Its high quality is worth the cash and you will undoubtedly love it. Generally, these are phone cases that are greatly compatible while in use with XR and iPhone with 6.1 inches.

Generally, these are products that belong to the JETech brand. Apart from that, they have XR-Clear which helps in the production of the best form of services.

Above all, these are best iphone screen protector that are made with the help of Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Polycarbonate. While you use these quality products, you will get certainty of their hardness and anti-scratch ability.

This implies you will get an assurance of high-quality services at all times. Finally, they are durable and reliable in the offer of durable services.


  • Has high quality and offers the best services.
  • Their camera have ideal cutouts.
  • Shock-absorption and unique corners.
  • Ultra-transparent and anti-scratch item.
  • Simple to use and has no form of frills.
  • Absorbs shock
  • Has solid grip
  • Comes with bumper case
  • Comes with high quality
  • None

5. CANSHN Clear Protective Heavy-Duty Case with Soft TPU Bumper [Slim Thin] Case for iPhone XR 6.1 Inch (2018)-Crystal Clear

CANSHN Compatible with iPhone XR Case 6.1'', Clear Protective Heavy Duty Case with Soft TPU Bumper [Slim Thin] Case - Crystal Clear
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If you are searching for a higher-end case, look no further. CANSHN Clear Protective Heavy-Duty Case is perfectly designed with a fingerprint-resistant coating that offers long-lasting clarity and anti-yellowing quality.

The iPhone xs max best glass screen protectors corners have airbags that prevent your adored iPhone XR from slipping and dropping accidentally.

The sound conversion design provides a broader stereo playback and dust resistance. More so, the soft TPU Bumper enables quick installation of this iPhone XR iphone screen protector case without having scratches.

The case features a rigid but smooth rubber material that twists easily and does not get loose over time. I would thus recommend this product.

Ordinarily, these best iphone screen protector come with a shockproof bumper. This way, it helps the phone to resist scratches and other different falls. They are ultra-transparent which helps one to have a clear view of whatever is located on the inside.

Again, you will love the back which is scratch-resistant and which gives certainty of great services at all times, Besides, there is a soft and silky touch that makes sure the devices get to last for a long time and offer the best form of comfort.

They cover the full body and therefore make sure the phone gets to retain its new look at all times. In case you are on the look for an affordable product, these are the best devices for you.


  • Smooth and rigid rubber materials.
  • TPU bumper is soft to support the best installation.
  • Prevents all kind of drops and slips.
  • Fingerprint resistant and heavy-duty case.
  • Prevents the phone from slipping
  • Heavy duty case
  • Made of smooth rubber materials
  • Allows for quick installation
  • Average quality

6. iPhone ImpactStrong XR Clear Black Case

ImpactStrong Clear Case for iPhone XR, Ultra Protective with Built-in Clear Screen Protector Transparent Full Body Cover (Black)
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The screen guard is protected while the best iphone xr screen protector will be keeping fingerprints off from ones device for the sake of great shock absorption.

Also, the Best iphone screen protector is providing 0.9mm while lying on the surface. Back plate is raised as it contains 0.8mm height and thus has capacity of protecting the iPhone XR back.

The different best glass screen protectors ports are easy to access and thus offer great connectivity. Openings are extra-large to guarantee one of easier access to camera, buttons and ports.

Besides, the best iphone screen protector will help you to access different ports with minimal effort. This way, you will acquire the simplest and easiest connectivity at all times.

Again, there are large and extra openings that support easy access to the camera, buttons, and ports. When it comes to compatibility, these products have the highest levels of compatibility.

The best iphone screen protector are accompanied by lighting and a party charger which simplifies how they are used. Additionally, they guide in the provision of the best iPhone cases with a high level of superiority.

This way, these devices offer the best form of valuable investment to all its different users. You will love the best services they will offer you.


  • Extra-large and high quality openings.
  • Great connectivity which is simple to access.
  • Supports shock absorption at all times.
  • 0.8mm height backplate with unique services.
  • Offers great safety
  • Great connectivity
  • Adequate shock absorption
  • They are extra large
  • A bit expensive

7. OUNNE XR iPhone Clear Waterproof Case

iPhone XR Case, OUNNE Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof Case for iPhone XR, Full Body Protection Cover with Built-in Screen Protector, iPhone XR Waterproof Case, Clear Case for iPhone XR 6.1 inch
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Here is best buy samsung galaxy s10 screen protector which is coming with 10xr rugged case design. Besides, the protector is resisting shock.

It has been tested to comfortably charge phones which are 6.6ft away. Also, the iPhone is sealed fully using TPU and high quality material.

The best iphone screen protector will help you in safeguarding different devices in different outdoor activities. Their scratch resistant design constitutes of front cover with TPU material.

It prevents scratches without necessarily affecting on the best iphone xs screen protector sensitivity. Ordinarily, these products have a 10xr rugged design which gives the best kind of services.

Mostly, they resist all kinds of shocks from time to time. They are tested with the high help of 2m/6.6 ft and with a full seal. Also, many outdoor conditions are known to use the waterproof and iPhone XR case.

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Another thing, you will love their design which is scratch resistant and one with unique services. There are TPU materials that help in the prevention of different scratches at all times.

Another thing, these are products which are well rugged with the help of case with 10xr design. The front cover uses a screen and built-in best iphone screen protector with a back cover and crystal clarity. This way, there is no time in which you will get to sacrifice your sensitivity at any time.


  • Comes with quality front covers.
  • Guide inthe safeguard of different devices.
  • Sealed with the help of TPU materials.
  • Tested to resist all form of shock.
  • Rugged 10xr rugged and quality case.
  • Rugged design
  • Highly compatible
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fully submersible
  • Affects making of calls

8. Raptic iPhone XR Compatible Shield

Raptic Shield, Compatible with Apple iPhone XR (Formerly Defense Shield) - Military Grade Drop Tested, Anodized Aluminum, TPU, and Polycarbonate Protective Case for Apple iPhone XR, Iridescent
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You will find that this best iphone screen protector raised lips are protecting the screen from surface scratches and drops. You will find they are taking impact.

They at the same time prevent the screen from breaking and cracking. These cases are not coming with best iphone xr screen protector and front cover.

Front facing is integrated with audio channel which is amplifying sound and also redirect on iPhone XR front for great sound experience.

There are many raised lips that guide the protection of the whole screen. Thus, it prevents all forms of surface scratches and drops from occurrence.

Their general impact guide in the prevention of possible breakages and cracks. These cases do not have best iphone screen protector or a front cover.

All their channel amplifies guide in the redirection of sound at all times. These are the best XR that gives the best form of sound experience at all times.

Again, the bubble and soft pattern come with a rubber interior. Generally, the interior lining combines with a polycarbonate hard shell.

This way, they offer the best form of protection at all times. They help in the deflection and absorption of shock. This implies the case will help in deflection and absorption of shock. This implies the phone will get the chance to experience different kinds of impacts at all times.


  • Guide in integration of audio channels.
  • Gives certainty of great and quality services.
  • Prevents cracks and breakages.
  • Protects phone from drops and scratches.
  • Highly compatible
  • Raptic shield
  • Protects screen from scratches and drops
  • Prevent screen from breaking and cracking
  • None

9. ZIZO Bolt iPhone XR Black Red Case

ZIZO Bolt Series for iPhone XR Case with Screen Protector Kickstand Holster Lanyard - Black & Red
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The versatility of this body glove screen protector has 10 color variations that one may select from. With this protector, you will be enjoying greatly with phone hands free.

Also, durability of this case is something that you will love to work with. The best iphone xr screen protectors guarantees you of long term and quality services at all times in the course of its usage.

Therefore, if security is what you are checking for, this is a best iphone xr screen protector which is worthy purchasing today. With these cases, you will acquire the best kind of possibilities at all times.

Basically, there are phone cases that come with a kick-stand that is built-in to offer unique services. This way, you will get the chance to enjoy the different hands-free and quality services for many years.

Generally, they will make sure you get to enjoy the best hands-free as you use them. Mostly, the XR screen comes with an iPhone protector that gives certainty of quality services for many years.

Ordinarily, they have the best light shield which has full 100% clarity, 9H, and 0.3mm hardness. There is a screen and glass protector which is durable and one that is known to offer reliable services for many years.

In the case of color, these are best iphone screen protector that are known to have both a red and black color. They have the best compatibility because of their capacity to work with XR iPhone case, iPhone Apple XR, and iPhone XR.


  • Offers great security levels.
  • Gives quality and long term services.
  • These are durable cases which lasts for long.
  • Versatile and comes in 10 different color variations.
  • Offers great levels of fun and enjoyment.
  • Versatile
  • Offers adequate protection
  • Durable
  • Comes with built-in kickstand
  • Average quality

10. iPhone XR Lime Green ImpactStrong Protective Case

ImpactStrong Case for iPhone XR, Ultra Protective with Built-in Clear Screen Protector Full Body Cover (Lime Green)
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While looking for rear and front protection while using a protector case, this is exactly what you will acquire from the use of ImpactStrong case.

This front iPhone screen protector is providing 0.9mm lip o help one in laying on the surface while its back plate contains 0.8 mm and thus offers protection to the iPhone XR back.

Additionally, the different ports are easy for one to access. They will offer you adequate connectivity to camera, buttons and ports. Also, this three-layer protection will ensure that your phone is always protected.

Thus, it prevents the possibility of breakage. Generally, these are best iphone screen protector that have rear and front protection. Their front screen gives a lip of 0.9mm to simplify use as different people put them on many surfaces.

There is a backplate that is raised with 0.8 mm maximum height. This way, you are certain of your back protection as you use these iPhone XR.

When it comes to ports, you will access them with a lot of ease. . Again, the cameras and buttons are also easy for all people to access.

When it comes to compatibility, these devices are compatible with the cable and lighting chargers. Another thing, you will love the screen guard which is well integrated to guide in the offer of unique services at all times as you get to use these quality cases.


  • Three-layer and high quality protection.
  • Offers high levels of connectivity.
  • The lip measures 0.99mm.
  • iPhone XR has the best kind of protection.
  • Offers front and rear protection.
  • Adequate connectivity
  • Great protection
  • Offers quality services
  • Durable
  • None

Guide on the Purchase of Phone Cases

Durable and Drop Proof

There are many shatter and drop phone cases in the market. The process of understanding on which is the best case is a bit challenging. There are different best iphone screen protector such as OtterBix, Griffin Survivor, Pelican case and LifeProof Case that offer great security to different devices.

Look and Design

There is need for one to check on the outlook of given best glass screen protectors. The phone case you buy will determine if your phone will stand out from others. However, the process of selecting the right case is a bit challenging.

Budget and Size

You will find that different body glove screen protector having varying prices. For a mid-range case, you are likely to pay around $40. In case you are looking for maximum protection, you need to sacrifice more to get best iphone screen protector that offers maximum protection in case a phone falls.


If you opted for an iPhone XR, these are the top selection iPhone XR cases in the market today. When you go out to purchase one of these apple phone cases, do it according to your preference, and you are good to go.

The best recommended best iphone xs screen protector in the market is Mkeke Compatible with iPhone XR Case. This is a slim and graceful case for your iPhone treasure that assures one of long term and quality services.

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