Best wall mount computer cases Reviews

Best Wall Mount Computer Cases Reviews [Best Products]

Different people mount desktops on walls. Typically, the desktops offer a unique aesthetic to the wall. The process of completing the DIY approach is difficult and is thus not best for use by beginners. Also, the dedicated wall mount computer cases help in the mounting of the computer all over the wall.

When you mount your computer on the wall, you will acquire the best way to help you save the overall space. Also, the PC computer wall mount case are said to have great airflow than traditional computer cases. Their overall services are unique and will serve you perfectly in all instances. Different PC cases help people to show off the natural airflow. They will ensure you get to show creativity and PC to people.

This list will help you pick on the best PC wall wall mountable pc case. You will spend a lesser amount of money compared to what you would spend while using a traditional case. This review will take you through all you require to learn on the PC case. It will highly boost you in the future PC build.

List of Best Wall Mount Computer Cases

1. RMWC65 V7 Cabinet Enclosure Wall Mount Computer Cases

V7 RMWC6U-1N 6U Wall Mount Rack Cabinet Enclosure (Fully assembled, vented door, adjustable mounting rails, cold rolled steel, 5 year warranty), BlackBuy on Amazon

The 6U mount enclosure whose origin is V7 is ideal for organization, securing, and installation of different rack equipment. Mostly, it is put in the network closets, retail locations, and classrooms with a small space.

Additionally, computer wall mount case is put in the locking doors to make sure products are always secure and cool. Besides, their side panels are opened with ease.

You, therefore, have the assurance that the opening of items is done with ease. What’s more, it comes with a bottom cable and removable top. You will therefore result in a workspace with a great organization.

Another thing, they are made using cold-rolled and high-grade steel. Its steel is perfectly adjustable to simplify how the computer case wall mount works.

Furthermore, there are square rack holes and U number positions which simplifies the installation process. Basically, the mounting rails are adjustable. Besides, they consist of U numbered positions which has square holes.

With this product, the mounting process tales place with minimal effort. Basically, the 6U lock cabinet comes with well vented sides and doors. They ensure the different equipment’s remain cool in all instances.

Generally, the bottom and top cable panels are removable. This implies you are certain of getting unique and quality streamline appearance. When you purchase these items, they will appear fully assembled apart from the wheels.

Again, there are three different access and unique doors which simplifies the general manner in which these products work. There are different cutouts which are present on the top. Basically, while using these fans, you are certain of unique and quality services in all instances.


  • Square and U number rack holes.
  • Adjustable and quality steel.
  • Made of high-grade and cold-rolled steel.
  • Has removable top and bottom cable.
  • Locking doors ensures the item is cool and secure.


  • Good organization
  • Easy to access
  • Durable
  • Easy to open


  • Hard to install wheels

2. Thermaltake CA-1H1 E-ATX Edition Tempered Tower Computer Chassis

Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Computer Chassis CA-1H1-00F1WN-00Buy on Amazon

These wall mount computer cases are perfect as they support E ATX, ATX, Micro VAX, and Mini ITX. Besides, their dimensions consist of 54 pounds’ weight. Again, their design supports all forms of gaming systems which allow for high-end compatibility.

There is a thick tempered 5-millimeter window whose view is stunning. Moreover, the procedure of viewing glass windows is stunning. It utilizes the services of the optional PS2 PSU.

Commonly, you will easily eliminate the GPU SAG issue. The wall mount gaming pc GPU configurations simplify the mounting process. That not all, these computer case wall mount come in a modular and dismountable design.

The process of building the modular is freely done using brackets, racks, and panels. The thick tempered 5mm glass has a unique window. It has a thickness of 5mm which simplifies how these products work.

Again, it will guide you in protection and showcase of a variety of components present in the build. Their users will get the chance to build it freely.

There are different modular which are in use and they affect the general manner in which these products are used. Also, the tower comes with 900 to support the motherboard fully.

These standard coolers consist of CPU standard coolers and E-ATX. Also, the GPU multi-configurations are mounted vertically up to a maximum length of 400mm.


  • Freely done modular build.
  • Dismountable and modular design.
  • Simple to use GPU configurations.
  • Utilizes the services of PS2 PSU.
  • Stunning and quality glass windows.


  • Easy configuration
  • Durable
  • High-quality item
  • Highly compatible


  • Quite expensive

3. Glass Edition Thermaltake P1 Wall Mountable PC Case

Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Case CA-1H9-00T1WN-00, BlackBuy on Amazon

Thermaltake has the capacity of expanding the Core P Series through the addition of Mini wall-mount and Core P1 TG mounts. Besides, the P1 TG Core ITX consists of a panel design with an open frame.

Their Glass panel plays a great role in protecting all the contents present. Subsequently, it guides users in protecting all the user’s components. Thus, you are certain that the computer wall mount case will serve you perfectly in all varying instances.

You will support the PC’s latest hardware, DIY, and AIO cooling liquid solutions. Adding to that, they are flexible to help in the building of the vertical and horizontal systems.

Its Mini ITX TG core gives a unique display to all enthusiasts. What’s more, the buildup process takes place without necessarily sacrificing the overall performance.

The design of these cases supports use in three different ways. These different ways consist of horizontal, vertical, and wall mount. Another thing, there is a thick 5mm window tempered glass.

It gives assurance of high levels of durability whenever people are using it. Again, there is a panoramic exciting view which simplifies the overall services of these products.

With the help of window design which is enlarged, you will acquire visual and ultimate presentation. Another thing, you will get the chance to enjoy the different components which are in use with the cooling and liquid system. Thus, it is high time you consider making an order of these quality cases today.

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  • Buildup has great overall performance.
  • horizontal and vertical flexible system.
  • You will support the PC’s latest hardware, DIY, and AIO cooling liquid solutions.
  • Glass panel protects different components.


  • Unique performance
  • Durable
  • Protects all components
  • High-quality item


  • Hard to assemble

4. Thermaltake E-ATX Glass Edition Computer Case Wall Mount

Thermaltake Core P7 Tempered Glass Edition E-ATX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt LCS Certified Gaming Computer Chassis CA-1I2-00F1WN-00,BlackBuy on Amazon

These wall mountable pc case are made of tempered glass which ensures it works perfectly at all times. Additionally, it comes in black color and thus matches with all the different house décor to offer high-quality services.

The best method to use in cooling the wall mount computer cases is through the use of air and water. Importantly, the Extended TX has great compatibility which helps one use it with different CPUs.

Generally, it has 21 pounds’ weight. The chassis extension gives it unique flexibility. The different games are extending the case to simplify the installation process through the extension of the chassis.

Adding to that, it has a placement three-way layout. The placement method is thus easy as the case supports horizontal, vertical, and wall-mount placement.

Generally, these products are simple to install. This open-frame true case comes with a back and full front sides. Besides, the P7 core TG consists of 5mm general thickness.

The glass window is enlarged to aid in the display of different interior components with ease. When it comes to compatibility, this product is compatible with both extended and main cases.

There is a liquid 480mm radiator which simplifies how this item works. Also, the graphic and long cards give quality services simultaneously. With user’s preferences, they are free to install an AIO cooler in their cases.


  • Different overall placement methods placement.
  • Simple general installation process.
  • Chassis extension is unique and flexible.
  • Compatible Extended TX.
  • Temper glass computer case.


  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Easy to install
  • Highly expandable


  • Quite pricey

5. Thermaltake Tempered Glass ATX Computer Wall mount Case

Thermaltake Core P3 ATX Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case Chassis, Open Frame Panoramic Viewing, White Edition, CA-1G4-00M6WN-05, SnowBuy on Amazon

With a computer case, the paranoiac viewing process takes place with the help of an open frame. Apart from this, the placement layout contains three ways which are horizontal, vertical, and wall mount.

They support GPU and vertical mounting. Generally, the Riser PCl cable simplifies the computer case wall mount operations greatly.

Its modular is dismountable because this computer wall mount case comes in a unique modular design. Other than that, the buildup process is freely done.

The wall mountable pc case helps in grounding up brackets, racks, and panels with mounting pre-design arrays. Again. It aids games in a buildup of the whole system from the ground using modular panels.

The P3 Core SE has a solution to the extra bracket required. The overall installation process takes place with ease and within a very short time.

Another thing, the SE and P3 core are supported natively. There are liquid cooling devices with an all-in-one solution. You will love their quality services which take place with help of the extra bracket.

Another thing, these cases help in the mount of 2.5″ and 3.5″ storage items. Their drive trays are hidden in the panel back. They are known to offer cable management whose space has 45mm.


  • Native support from P3 Core SE.
  • You need extra bracket solution.
  • Freely done buildup process.
  • Case operations are simplified by Riser PCl cable.
  • Three way placement layout.


  • Durable
  • Versatile orientation
  • Supreme support
  • Affordable


  • Average quality

6. In Win Motorcycle Steel Red D-Frame Wall Mount Gaming pc

In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube ATX Computer Case Cases D-Frame Red RedBuy on Amazon

This computer wall mountable pc case come in a D-frame which is handcrafted using fine 100% aluminum. Moreover, their Win’s pursuit focus on offering absolute procession.

The wall mount gaming pc open-air and modern technological design gives the best aesthetics and uniqueness. Also, their strength is exceptional.

The piping structure is made of aluminum and is thus sturdy to help one carry the computer case wall mount with ease. Furthermore, the framework is stable and is perfectly welded.

Typically, you are certain of getting better protection in all instances. Its motherboard plate is handcraft to allow use in the casting technique.

Thus, you are certain of getting a rug edge feel and look at all times. The 90 degrees’ revolutionary motherboard is mounted to simplify the computer case access process services in the course of usage.

Something else, there is sufficient space to help in the management of different cables. Also, the different PSU holders simplify flexibility a lot.

Mostly, there is a necessity to showcase the unique and D-Frame’s mount. Another thing, the mount helps the D-Frame in accommodating the 330mm length cards.

There is a D-frame whose role is to help in the accommodation of CPU rollers with 160mm. Lastly, when it comes to quality, these items give assurance of long-term quality because of their excellent build and design.


  • Revolutionary 90 degrees’ motherboard.
  • Rugged edge Look and feel.
  • Their framework is stable.
  • Piping aluminum structure.
  • Modern and open-air technological design.


  • Looks and feels good
  • Better protection
  • Unique aesthetics
  • Sturdy


  • A bit expensive

7. Black Slim G3 Thermaltake Core Front and Computer Wall Mount Case

Thermaltake Core G3 Black Slim Small Form Factor ATX Perforated Metal Front and Top Panel Gaming Computer Case 2.0 Edition with Two 120mm Front Fan Pre-Installed CA-1G6-00S1WN-A0Buy on Amazon

This computer wall mount case are slim and thus weigh less. Adding to that, their unique design helps them to fit perfectly in the living room and on the desk.

It gives a placement layout that is dual and you are thus certain of getting high-quality services. Generally, their vertical and horizontal layout ensures the core angles fit perfectly.

The travel foams and GPU braces come with a pad to help the computer case remain secure. Adding to that, its GPU power is brought to the front using a GPU custom mount.

When you put the computer case wall mount GPU face at the front, you will result in an unprecedented look. Mostly, it is a full modular to offer different configurations.

Their flexibility guides all the custom PC enthusiasts towards working perfectly. Another thing, the G3 core can deliver a cool efficiency that is withstanding.

Also, it helps the users in the installation process with the help of DIY and 240mm liquid. The turbo 120mm fans undergo pre-installation on the front side.

As a result, it succeeds in the process of system ventilation optimization. You will keep all forms of dust away with the help of ventilation intake holes.

Their design process is done with the aid of dust removable filters. Adding to that, the bay and tool-free design simplify the mounting process. This implies you will get the chance to mount storage 3.5″ and 2.5″ build storage devices.


  • Custom PC flexibility guides enthusiast.
  • Different configuration and a fully modular item.
  • Unprecedented and unique look.
  • GPU braces and simple to use travel foams.
  • Placement layout is dual.


  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Secures the hardware
  • Flexible


  • None

8. Tribesigns 55 inch Black Leg and Large Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk, 55 inch Large Office Desk Computer Table Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Walnut + White LegBuy on Amazon

Have a look at these simple desks which come with a unique design. Generally, you will get to love its adjustable and metal pads. As a result, the table will remain stable both while on uneven and even floor.

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Their desktop has been widened. Thus, the legroom is spacious and gives great levels of comfort. Also, they are wide with a width of 23.6″.

Thus, it is ample space for use with study, writing, printer, computer, and monitor. Basically, the distance present beneath measures 50.79″.

Something else, the product is per sturdy. It consists of 0.98″ laminated and thick MDF. It is anti-scratch and simplifies the general cleaning process.

Their computer frame has coated steel with a heavy-duty material. Thus, you are certain of the durability and stability of the item. Again, the 1.57″ makes it sturdy.

This helps it in the support of different duty and heavy parcels. Their simple to assemble nature makes people love them even more.

You require to install two-leg bars and four legs with hex key aid. As a result, you are certain with will save a lot of time in the course of using this product.

Additionally, the leg distance underneath is 50.79″. This makes it a great product for use in the dorm room area. Besides, it supports the stretch-out process.

This means you will get the best switch between the right and left desk areas. When it comes to shape, this product has a rectangular shape. The shape is known to offer extra and enough overall working area.


  • It helps the optical drives and hard drives to work well.
  • They support all the different graphic cards.
  • It supports heat circulation to take place in the motherboard.
  • They simplify the testing process.
  • There is adequate space in use by the big size parts.


  • Convenient testing
  • Durable
  • High-quality item
  • Highly compatible


  • Quite pricey

9. Antec Torque Red/Black Mid Tower ATX Case

Antec Torque Black/Red Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case/Winner of iF Design Award 2019Buy on Amazon

The torque mid tower comes has a great motherboard position. Importantly, their lines are highly aggressive. Besides, they come in variety of features that gives a unique performance.

The cut aluminum precision panels consist of high contrast gunmetal and crimson. Thus, it gives the best-augmentation experience to the whole desktop.

Subsequently, they allow easy penetration of air and a major airflow. Their cooling management is known to function and form a great overall alignment.

Besides, the craftsmanship is precision cut as it compromises 14 different aluminum panels. It thus gives great perfection on the edges and curves.

Commonly, their liquid cooling case is highly extensive to simplify the overall installation process. In the case of design, this item has a great design.

Another thing, it is huge and thus great for different computer switch different sizes. Another thing, the different aesthetics of these items are unmatchable.

They are much cooler than other items and play a great role in adding to the housing outlook. Something else, you will find a flimsy piece of single metal in all the different areas you go.

Its build-up process highly resembles that of the tank. Its durable nature helps it to survive falls from all kinds of areas. Also, it is huge with 40 PCs which helps it to stand out even while in different uses.


  • Their liquid cooling case is highly extensive.
  • The craftsmanship is precision cut.
  • They come in contrast to gunmetal and crimson.
  • Their lines are highly aggressive.
  • It has features that give a unique performance.


  • Highly compatible
  • Durable
  • Perfect for the edges and curves
  • Precision cut


  • Not compatible with small CPU’s

10. Thermaltake Modular Gaming Interchangeable LCS Gaming Computer Case

Thermaltake Level 20 VT Tempered Glass Interchangeable Panel DIY LCS Chamber Concept Micro ATX Modular Gaming Computer Case CA-1L2-00S1WN-00Buy on Amazon

This computer case is known to have a clear view. Subsequently, the thick temper 4mm glass gives adequate protection to the different chassis.

Indeed, you are certain of getting quick access to varying components. Their design is compact to help the case support the Micro ATX and Mini ITX motherboards.

Moreover, the panel consists of an interchangeable design. It thus changes the overall configuration to ensure it fits all the people’s needs.

Typically, the wall mount gaming pc are symmetrical panels present on the bottom, side, and top panels. Apart from this, the cooling process is highly helped by the tempered glass help.

Their radiator mounting ensures there is more airflow that gets into the computer. Generally, the 20VT level product is designed to help prove cases have sufficient power.

Besides, they boast of a motherboard with an upper chamber. It plays a great role to ensure all the different PCl-E components are safe and well kept.

Something else, their ventilation consists of black and 200mm pre-installed front fan. These items will support the M-ATX item and also ensure it gets quality services.

Majorly, the height of this CPU cooler consists of 185mm. Also, PSU consist of 200mm length, and VGA has 350mm length. The anti-corrosion nature of these items helps them to remain safe and with quality services for many years.


  • Great airflow from radiator mounts.
  • Temper glass gives quality services.
  • Side, bottom and top symmetrical panels.
  • Simplifies the overall configuration.
  • Supports quick access of components.


  • Interchangeable design
  • Compact design
  • Clear view
  • Durable


  • Lacks a case to hide the wires

Guide on Purchase of Wall Mount Computer Cases

When you mount a computer, you are certain of getting extremely high-quality services. Your PC will always be safe. The best computer case needs to have the factors in this guide.


The airflow of wall mount gaming pc determines how it works. Many of the current best buy tv wall mount come with decent airflow. Always ensure the computer case you are using has positive airflow. There is more air that comes in the wall mountable pc case than the one which leaves. Again, makes sure the different components are cool and nice at all times.

Cable Management

Despite how people believe, cable management has less impact on the overall amount of airflow. With a cable that is well managed, the cooling process will occur in a better manner and thus prevent all forms of a jumbled mess.


Some wall mount computer cases are more loud compared to others. They largely depend on the fan’s services. Some companies make sure fans operate smoothly while others do not pay close attention to the case sound.


Many computer case wall mount do away with drive bays and create more room for other varying components. In these cases, the Micro ATX and small ATX cases will fit well in different graphics cards. Apart from this, the GPU is capable of bumping in the different drive bays.


The wall mount gaming pc help people in different ways. Additionally, the wall mount computer cases guide everyday users and programmers in work. Their trend is rising and trending to allow usage by different users. Some options will greatly simplify the overall services.

The different computer cases help greatly in the replacement of the pc standard cases. Thus, make your order today and replace your computer case with a digital mount that supports wall mounting.