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Best Macbook Pro 16 Inch Sleeves Reviews – Top 10 Picks

These macbook pro 16 inch sleeves are not only waterproof but also able to prevent dust, dirt, and destructive particles from reaching integral parts of your PC. Undeniably, you need the best sleeve for macbook pro. Here are the top ten MacBook Pro 16 Inch sleeves from which you can pick.

Often, you will want soft padding that assures your MacBook Pro of decent protection. Nothing will come in handier than getting the right sleeves.

List of Top 10 Best Macbook Pro 16 Inch Sleeves Reviews

1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeves

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch 2021 M1 Pro/M1 Max A2485/2019-2020 A2141/Pro Retina 15 A1398, 15-15.6 inch Notebook, Polyester Vertical Case with Pocket, Space Gray
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These macbook pro 16 inch sleeves come with high-quality polyester material and a top opening zipper for enhanced convenience. It is not only lightweight and slim but also assures you of not bulking your computer.

It comes with a polyester foam padding layer as well as fluffy fleece fabric. This item is featuring polyester padding layer which is accompanied by fabric lining for shock and bump absorption from accidental scratches, shock, bump, dirt and dust.

You will find the extra pocket found on the front is providing adequate space to help in keeping of notepads, pens, earphone and MacBook mouse.

You will find polyester and soft lining foam. These macbook pro 16 inch sleeves are made of durable materials which give the greatest level of protection from shocks, bumps, scratches, and dents.

Besides, their polyester materials are durable and offer protection from scratches and water. That is not all, the zipper is top-loading and works with the sleeves.

This way, they succeed in the smooth glide process which makes sure you have the best access process. Their sleeve design can slide at all times to ensure the Macbook fits well.

This way, it works as a messenger bag, briefcase, and a large backpack. They give the best form of protection and thus help people to carry these products on their own.


  • Extra pockets give adequate space.
  • Padding layer is made of polyester materials.
  • Foam padding is made of polyester layer.
  • High quality and top opening polyester.
  • Slim and lightweight to simplify how people use it.
Pros Cons
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Enhanced protection against dust, dirt, and shock
  • Comes with a touch of elegance
  • Highly compatible
  • You cannot wash it using a washing machine

2. MOSISO Laptop Sleeves bag compatible with Macbook 2019

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch 2021 M1 Pro/M1 Max A2485/2019-2020 A2141/Pro Retina 15 A1398, 15-15.6 inch Notebook Computer, Neoprene Bag Cover with Small Case, Baby Pink
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These best macbook pro 16 inch sleeves for macbook pro comes with a high-quality neoprene foam padding and a fluffy fleece fabric lining. It features an extra small storage pouch bag.

With this extra storage, you will easily store additional items, including earphones and mice. While looking for best laptop sleeve for macbook pro bag with additional storage, you will find that this is the best bag for you.

This best protective case for macbook pro comes with small pouch which is highly ideal to help one carry the laptop with ease. Additionally, it has lightweight weight and with slim design.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves zipper is top loading on the sleeve has capacity of gliding smoothly to help one access the laptop with ease. Another thing, this pouch bag has the best additional storage.

It supports the storage of earphones and mouse with minimal effort. Both the small and the big ouch come in the same colors. Besides, they are harmonious and stylish bags that get to deliver unique and quality services.

Besides, the sleeve carriage case helps people to carry the laptops with ease at all times they are on the move. Generally, they have lightweight and are slim.

This implies they will get to slide the laptop with minimal or no effort at all. Their zipper is top-loading and works with the help of the sleeve glides. They are all smooth and support convenient access to the different computer and laptop items.


  • Top loading and smooth glides.
  • Slim design and lightweight.
  • Neoprene is made of high quality materials.
  • Extra storage comes with additional features.
  • Small storage comes with extra unique features.
Pros Cons
  • Stylish, slim, and lightweight
  • Improved safety against shock, scratches, dust, and dirt
  • It is water-repellant
  • Durable
  • Relatively costly

3. Tomtoc 360 protective sleeve

tomtoc Recycled Laptop Sleeve for 16 Inch MacBook Pro 2021-2019 A2485, 15 Inch Surface Book 3/2, The New Razer Blade 15, ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2, 360 Protective Ultrabook Notebook Accessory Bag Case
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This Tomtoc best sleeve for macbook pro features the CornerArmor patent design. Besides, it can offer you 360 degrees protection. Moreover, macbook pro 16 inch sleeves is not only custom-made for a perfect fit but also comes with an accessory pocket for your convenience.

While looking for a compact and durable best laptop sleeve for macbook pro, you will find this product to be your best solution. They are made using YKK zipper for long lasting and secure usage.

Also, their macbook pro 16 inch sleeves compact design helps one carry the sleeve with ease. Adding to that, these are items that are compact and durable. They are made in a special manner with the help of a YKK zipper.

Thus, you are certain you will acquire a long-lasting and secure usage in the many years to come. These are devices you will carry with a lot of ease even without the need for a second person’s help.

Ordinarily, they are compact and durable. Their makeup process utilizes a YKK zipper that offers long-lasting and secure usage. In case you want a product you will carry along for long-distance with less effort, this is definitely the product you may ever buy.

They come in compact designs which helps them fit easily in other different devices. Buy these products and acquire the best clean and simple look.

Their materials are water-resistant and wear-resistant. This way, you will result in 360 degrees tough and trusted protection as you use these unique devices.


  • Compact and high quality design.
  • Secure and long lasting zipper.
  • Custom made and convenient pockets.
  • Patent and high quality design.
  • Offers the best all-round and unique protection.
Pros Cons
  • Enhanced durability
  • Assures you of all-round protection
  • Less bulky
  • Allows for military grade protection
  • Could be relatively too pricey for some

4. Allinside 15.6” sleeve

Allinside 15.6' Laptop Sleeve Compatible with MacBook Pro 15 2012-2015 (A1398)/ Pro 15 Retina 2016-2019 Touch Bar (A1990 A1707)/ MacBook Pro 16 (A2141), Synthetic Leather, Gray
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The Allinside best cover for macbook pro prides itself on water-resistant synthetic leather material. The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves also comes with a soft inner lining for improved protection.

You can also rely on this sleeve as your mouse pad. Besides, best cases for macbook pro features an invisible magnetic closure too. Their synthetic leather consists of water-resistant materials and soft lining.

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Their best protective case for macbook pro guarantees you it will always protect the laptop from dust, coffee, water and unwanted scratches which would otherwise lead to damages in the device.

Besides, the slim design and its lightweight nature of macbook pro 16 inch sleeves will help the carrying of 15 inches MacBook sleeve. These devices have a slim and lightweight design.

They support the use of the 15″ Macbook with sleeves that people can carry on their own. As you use these products, you will result in the best form of convenience you may ever wish to acquire in your life.

Besides working as laptop sleeves, they are the best mouse pads any person may ever come across. Their magnetic closure is invisible.

Thus, it can prevent the different MacBook’s from the possibility of slipping out while in use. This way, you are certain there will be an easier manner in which people get to access the different laptops.


  • Lightweight and slim design.
  • Sleeve case offers high levels of protection.
  • Magnetic closure is invisible and unique.
  • Water-resistant and synthetic leather materials.
  • Inner lining is soft and unique.
Pros Cons
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Assures you of longevity
  • Reliable
  • The crease on its flap is relatively loose

5. Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019

tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021-2019 A2485, Notebook Case for Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface Book 3/2, The New Razer Blade 15, ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2, Accessory Bag
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These macbook pro 16 inch sleeves features the original Cornerarmor patent design. It has an ultra-thick cushioning too. Besides having both small and large pockets, it features various elastic bands.

It is your ideal minimalist best laptop sleeve for macbook pro. This macbook pro 16 inch sleeves case is well organized with large and small pockets. Their elastic bands are multiple.

The large zipper is making it simpler for one to organize different accessories such as cable, and chargers. Also, the no-snag zipping best cases for macbook pro.

It consists of top quality zipper which is made using soft and thick ridge present on the interior. Its main role is offering protection and preventing scratching.

While you use these products, you will never get to experience any form of snag fits. These products are made especially with the help of YKK top quality zipper.

Besides, their design process makes use of soft and thick protective ridges. They are present all over the interior. As a result, they make sure people acquire an interior that prevents any occurrence of scratches.

Again, there are 360 degrees overall protection which is known to occur on the different computers. Besides, these are products which are easy and compact for all time use.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves carriage process uses PU and tensile leathers. The different leather handles slip in the backpack and thus get to offer the highest level of services. Also, these are unique custom-made products that give the best fit.


  • Offers protection from occurrence of scratches.
  • No-snag and top quality zip.
  • Made of multiple and quality elastic bands.
  • Well organized to support use in small and large pockets.
  • Comes with high quality elastic bands.
Pros Cons
  • Enhanced protection
  • Relatively lightweight
  • No-snag zipping
  • Affordable
  • It is not ergonomic as such

6. Kuzy

Kuzy Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch Case 2020 2019 Release A2141 with Keyboard Cover Skin Hard Shell for MacBook Pro Case 16 inch with Touch Bar, Black
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These macbook pro 16 inch keyboard covers are fully vented and comes in distinct colors. Whereas it is smooth, it will offer your Macbook an unmatched grip all through.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves gives you both functionality and enhanced comfort. You will find that the best cover for macbook pro is washable and soft and the slim skin ensures the typing process is soft and quiet.

Also, the keyboard cover will be offering adequate protection against oil, hair, dirt, dust and liquids. You will find that the design of Kuzy helps one close and open the laptop with ease.

On top of that, different feature openings work with the help of exhaust vents. As a result, you will have a heat disbursement that is unobstructed at all times.

This means you will get the best professional look. These devices offer slim design and Macbook air protection. Besides, these cases offer a pro and smooth MacBook that works with the help of translucent and semi-finish.

Mostly, the plastic and hard case of macbook pro 16 inch sleeves is made of smooth and silky materials with an exterior and soft-touch exterior. You will get to love their capacity to offer unique and round protection at all times.

This implies you will acquire the best form of protection both at the bottom and at the top. As a result, you will love and appreciate spending money in the purchase of this item.


  • Opens and closes laptop with minimal effort.
  • Soft and washable high quality item.
  • Comes in distinct and smooth colors.
  • Enhances comfort and have great functionality.
  • Offers protection from dirt and oils.
Pros Cons
  • Improved levels of ventilation for your laptop
  • All-round protection, including keyboard protection
  • Much easier installation
  • Slim as well as lightweight
  • Not compatible with Macbook Pro 13.3”, 15.4”, and Air 13.3”. Perhaps you will need a Macbook pro 15 inch case for these.

7. MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag

MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 inch 2021 M1 Pro/M1 Max A2485/2019-2020 A2141/Pro 15 A1398, 15-15.6 inch Notebook, Polyester Flapover Briefcase Sleeve Case, Black
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If you are looking for a shoulder bag with quality polyester foam padding, this is the best choice. You can remove or adjust the size of the shoulder strap to between 27 and 48 inches.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves features hook and loop fasteners. The front lap pocket contains loop and hook fasteners closures which are great for easier access of items.

Also, this best laptop sleeve for macbook pro is featuring padding layer and fluffy lining from shock and bump absorption. Also, you have surety of maximum protection of the computers from possibility of scratches.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves zipper is top-gliding and is also smooth for easier access to one’s computer. When it comes to compatibility, these products are compatible with the Pro 16 Macbook with 16 inches.

Their main compartment guide in the hold of Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, notebooks, and laptops with minimal effort. Additionally, the front comes with unique zipper compartments.

They support the storage of different devices such as keys, credit cards, wallets, pens, and cell phones. Their zipper supports the top loading of these devices with minimal effort.

Again, their different sleeves support a smooth gliding process. This way, you will get to access the different laptops with more ease and in a simpler way. The bags’ central compartments guide in minimization of the overall storage area.


  • Smooth and top-gliding quality zipper.
  • Offers the greatest and maximum protection levels.
  • Front hook and loop lap pocket.
  • Fluffy lining and padding unique layers.
  • Guide in the shoulder straps size adjsutment.
Pros Cons
  • Guarantees your convenience
  • Relatively light
  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Not so durable

8. Ultra-Thin MacBook Pro with Touch bar protective skin

Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for 2020 Newest MacBook Pro 13 inch A2338 (M1) A2289 A2251 & 2020 2019 New MacBook Pro 16 inch A2141 with Touch Bar & Touch ID Keyboard Cover Protective Skin, Clear
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This macbook pro keyboard protector is a product of high-quality TPU material. This macbook pro 16 inch sleeves material tends to be much friendlier to the environment.

Whereas it is only 0.13mm thick, it assures you of full keyboard protection. It is only compatible with the 2019 16-inch MacBook pro. In case you are looking for full protection, this is the best keyboard for you to buy.

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It allows for one step shaping and has high precision and fit all the keys to guarantee one for all-round protection. Something else, these products offer the best grade TOU and engineering-grade materials.

The macbook pro 16 inch sleeves are safe, healthy, flexible, and soft and thus offer high-quality services. Again, they are ultra-thin with a thickness of 0.13mm. This implies you will succeed in minimization of how the typing interference is done.

The transparency and high film support the use of different backlight keys with unique services. This way, the different keyboards will get the chance to shine at all times.

You will love the one-step and high-precision shaping. It helps the keyboard to fit perfectly in the different keys. In this case, you are certain you will acquire the all-around protection you have desired to acquire for long periods.

Another thing, they are dustproof and waterproof. This way, the laptop acquires the best form of protection from dust and spills. You will thus get assurance of your products safety.


  • High-precision and step stepping device.
  • Offers high levels of full protection.
  • Comes with great compatibility levels.
  • Comes with materials which are environmentally friendly to the environment.
  • Made of PU and high-quality materials.
Pros Cons
  • Minimal typing interference
  • Flexible, and easier to install and remove
  • Relatively affordable
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and durable
  • Enhanced transparency to maintain the elegance of your Mac
  • It might kill your typing speed

9. Kuzy-MacBook 13 and 15-inch Keyboard Cover

Kuzy Compatible with MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover with Touch Bar for 13 and 15 inch 2019 2018 2017 2016 (Apple Model A2159, A1989, A1990, A1706, A1707) Silicone Skin Protector, Green
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The best keyboard covers are known for applying great industry standards. They are made of elastic silicone and you will thus feel the keyboard even in the case where you are typing.

Besides, there is no time in which you will sacrifice on effective protection. All the keys have been molded individually using clear silicone for a professional and long lasting look.

Additionally, the cover is thin and remains in place in all circumstances. The cleaning process is simple and you will have full protection from spills, dirt, dust, grease and oil.

It is thus a keyboard cover which is worth considering using. These keyboard covers have high levels of functionality. Ordinarily, they use the industry’s best standard to make sure people result with high-quality services.

Besides, the elastic silicone is high and is focused on the delivery of quality services in the many years to come. This way, you will get to feel the keyboard at all times as you get to type and thus acquire the best form of effective protection.

Generally, the keys are molded individually with the help of clear silicone. As a result, you will result with the best professional and quality look.

In addition to that, their covers are thin and stays in place for many years. When it comes to clean up, the procedure takes place with minimal effort. This implies the keyboard will acquire the best form of protection from spills, dirt, dust, grease, and oil.


  • Simple clean-up process,
  • Thin cover which remains intact.
  • Well molded with the help of pure silicone.
  • Offers high quality and effective operations.
  • Made of unique and elastic silicones.
Pros Cons
  • Thin cover
  • Fits perfectly
  • Highly compatible
  • Made of durable elastic silicone
  • Attracts dust

10. Lapogy 3-In-1

Lapogy 3 in 1 MacBook Pro 16 inch Keyboard Cover,Pro 13 inch 2020(A2289, A2338),Pro 16 inch 2019( A2141),Touch Bar Protector ,Trackpad Protector,Accessories
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If you are looking for a keyboard skin cover with topnotch transparent silicone material, this is the one. It assures you of accurate molding, precisely fitting the original keys.

The molding has high precision and thus has extreme fit compared to original key and thus offer typing response which is unparalleled.

You will find the keyboard has full protection from tear damage, tear, normal wear, dust, water and coffee. With these devices, your laptop will acquire the best protection.

These Lapogy covers have a great commitment to offer the best 21st products which match the latest technologies. Different TPU materials make sure that these covers will get to work in a better manner in all the different instances.

Besides, these keyboards are ultra-thin and thus prevents the occurrence of water and wear on the laptops. With adequate protection, your laptop will remain secure for long periods and thus get the chance to serve you in a better manner.

Besides, the high transparency nature of these covers implies you will get to use the keyboard comfortably and with minimal effort. It is time you embark on the use of these ultra-thin covers and get the chance to experience unique and quality services for many years to come.


  • Protects keyboard from tear and damages.
  • High precision and extreme fit item.
  • Accurate and precise mold process.
  • Transparent and top notch silicone materials.
  • Long term and durable services.
Pros Cons
  • It is washable and reusable
  • Resistant to wear and tear damage
  • Unparalleled typing response
  • It comes with a touch bar as well as trackpad cover
  • The texture could fall off sooner
  • The TPU comes with no adhesion, and you might need to realign the skin from time to time

Guide on Purchase of Macbook Pro 16 Inch Sleeves

While using Macbook sleeves, you will improve on the overall life of your laptop. The quality laptops which are worth buying are the with great comfort, great design and durable materials as seen in this guide.


Comfort is a main factor while one in carrying a laptop and while using best buy laptop stand. Therefore, you need to ensure you buy bag which guarantee you of long term and reliable comfort. Ensure the pack is distributing weight evenly. In case you are likely to be carrying a lot of weight, the hip belt, waist and chest brings a big difference in removing of stress on ones back.


There are people who complain that their bags contain so many pockets and thus confuse on whether they put their items. The types and number of loops and pockets have storage options in the packs and may also vary greatly.


In the past, backpacks were made using cotton canvas which are treated with wax for waterproofing purposes. Currently, many packs are made using polyester and nylon. While looking for real stamina and wish to have a textured feel, the best textiles are Cordura as they are offering added strength.


Whichever sleeve you choose among those mentioned above are the best macbook pro 16 inch sleeves, you will be sure of the ultimate experience you are seeking.

The best macbook pro 16 inch sleeves in the market are MOSISO Laptop Sleeve. This item is featuring polyester padding layer which is accompanied by fabric lining for shock and bump absorption from accidental scratches, shock, bump, dirt and dust.

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