Top 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker [10 Expert’s Picks]

The best single serve coffee maker will assist you in making coffee any time you need it. With an ideal serve coffee maker, you will pop the favorite coffee pod and press the button to make coffee. If you love the speed and convenience of direct brewing of coffee in the cup, a solution is here for you. There is no doubt that single-serve brewers can bring home a great shop experience in the fraction of the brewers.

When buying a single-serve coffee maker, there is no need for rushing in purchasing the product as you may make a mistake. It is better to take long but buy the best product for you. In this review, you will have a review on the best single serve coffee makers in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

1. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker, Fast Brewing, Stainless Steel (49981A)
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Hamilton coffee maker is the best single-serve coffee maker. It is a reliable product in assisting in the brewing of coffee. Known for using a single-serve scooping filter.

If you wish brewing at a fast rate, this is the most ideal to use. You will end up brewing eight ounces of coffee for less than 90 seconds.

Besides, you will also brew coffee for a travel coffee with 14-ounce using only 2.5 minutes. It is flexible as it is using a mesh scoop filter.

You will thus be brewing by the use of your preferred coffee grounds. The custom cup is brewing a single-serve cup using bold and regular options.

Many people are purchasing this product as a result of its long term durability. Its durability is as a result of its stainless steel, which is using ensuring it has greater longevity.

Make sure you scoop the different ground coffee with the help of the brew and machine. Besides, the brew basket is dishwasher safe and offers the best form of service.

This implies you do not have to measure the different coffee and pour grounds. Another thing, the coffee, and single-cup maker come with paper and pods filters.

This implies you will have a lesser usage and thus have minimal wastages. Its makeup contains 14 oz which helps one to make the coffee within few minutes.


  • Made of durable stainless steel.
  • Single-serve has the best options.
  • Flexible with scoop and metal filter.
  • Simplifies the brew-up process.
  • Brews 14 ounces with-in 2.5 minutes.
Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Elegant styling
  • Ideal for a single cup
  • Has drip to contain the mess
  • Durable
  • Shuts off automatically after brewing
  • Easy to clean
  • The filter is poor at keeping sediments
  • The water does not get hot enough.

2. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Silver, CM2035B
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A coffee maker is in demand as a result of its setup. All its features are easy for one to use. Its advanced settings, such as time setting and brew-strength, are also easy to use.

The instruction manual is written well, and there following the procedure is straightforward. An average user will end up featuring on the different features without the necessity of having to crack on the cover of the booklet.

While following the instructions, you will realize there is a need for running the coffee maker two times for sparkles cleaning up. Besides, the product is appropriate for its price.

For the process of brewing may take to even ten minutes, it is reliable for use by most of the brewers. The thermal coffee maker is pretty primary.

It is pairing the black plastic base using a metal face and a metal carafe. The appliance also has a standard and a good look. It will thus not end up standing out on many of the kitchen counters, which is considered as being a good thing.

The cup comes with a sneak feature. They have the ability to stop the coffee flow with minimal effort. This way, you are certain there is no form of the mess that you will get to encounter.

Their fresh pot is programmable with a 24-hour brew and auto function. Again, the auto-shutoff offers the best peace of mind that any person may ever desire to have.

These devices are vacuum sealed. This implies the coffee will be hot at all times. Their mouth is wide and they, therefore, get to simplify the manner in which the clean-up process is done.


  • Good look and standard appliance.
  • Plastic base pairs with the metal base.
  • Simple to follow and quality instructions.
  • Has the best form of features.
  • Comes with a manual which has instructions.
Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Shows time after the last brew
  • Has intuitive controls
  • Has many features
  • Its plastic elements break with ease
  • Drips coffee even while turned off

3. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Black Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black
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Mr. Coffee 12-cup is the best coffee maker. It is offering classic design and functionality in keeping brewing more straightforward for all coffee drinkers.

It is ideal for the coffee drinkers who prefer taking coffee in the absence of fuss. All you need is setting it up, turning it on, and brewing it.

If you require having a cup of coffee before finishing on the brewing cycle, you need to take hold of Grab-A-Cup Auto. The next thing is pausing to stop cycling while filling up the cup.

You will later resume immediately after the carafe gets back to its position. The electric coffee maker is bearing dual water windows. They will assist in seeing the appropriate water level, why filling to overflow.

The clean and lift filter basket will be removed with ease for the sake of quicker washing. The power off and on indicator light will be showing while you turn on the coffee maker machine.

It will help in reminding you of shutting it off after you finish the process. Generally, the water window and dual give the best form of visibility.

This implies you will not get to fill any kind of overfills as you use these products. This way, you will clean and lift the filter with the help of the different baskets.

Besides, the clean-up process takes place with a lot of ease. There is a cord and simple storage. It implies you will succeed in the elimination of the 900 watts counter clutter.


  • Indicator light supports power off.
  • Lift filter and clean quality basket.
  • Windows come with dual water to simplify services.
  • Supports brew cycle finish.
  • Offers functional and classic design.
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Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Visible to avoid spilling of water
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not brew at the optimal temperature for the production of good taste

4. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 49974 FlexBrew Single-Serve Coffee Maker Compatible with Pod Packs and Grounds, Black
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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is an espresso and best coffee maker, which is black. The single-serve coffee maker will assist you in brewing one cup of quality coffee.

You will take the cup while fresh whenever you require taking it. There is no necessity of making a partial coffee pot for enjoying a full cup of coffee every morning.

You will be brewing the coffee whenever you feel you need to finish your thirst. As a result, you will end up enjoying having high-quality espresso or coffee in a few minutes.

The brewer is versatile and compatible for use by soft pods. The single-serving packs are popular and have been designed for use by the K-Cup coffee system, expresso blends, and regular ground coffee.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is featuring a built-in coffee filter. Therefore, there is no need to purchase disposable paper filters for work with the machine.

These devices come with a brew and a lower lid. Thus, the lower lid simplifies how the brew-up process is done. These pods are the best for use in the fresh and own grounds.

This implies these coffee makers can shut off automatically in the brew-up process. The coffee maker is personal and gives quality services. Single-serve maker is flexible to support use in the small kitchens and by the college students.


  • Simple to use high quality machine.
  • Well-designed and unique coffee system.
  • Brew-up process takes a few minutes.
  • Offers the best form of coffee.
  • Help people to freshen up with ease.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps to save energy
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • A bit noisy

5. Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K-Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine with Self Cleaning Function, Brew Strength Control
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A single-serve coffee maker is the best coffee machine which is reliable in giving pure and fresh taste before the start of a day. This way, you are certain your coffee will be fine and get quality services.

Besides, you will acquire the best form of rejuvenation when you use these products all day long. You will be having your coffee ready for a drink in three minutes.

This implies you will take a short time to finish the overall brew-up process. Additionally, the coffee will be hot to the extent that you may add coffee and leave the coffee still hot.

This way, you will avoid cooking coffee after every short time. The water adjustment function will be allowing controlling the amount of coffee you wish to brew.

This way, you will prevent any kind of wastages that are likely to take place. It will assist in saving on expensive grounds. You will get to spend a minimal amount of products on the overall preparation process.

Additionally, it is bearing a compact and durable design. You will get assurance that these devices will serve you well in the many years to come.

The design is innovative, as it is both durable and compact while also effective. Thus, you will get the best form of services as you get to use these single-serve coffee makers.


  • Durable and compact design.
  • Comes with the best adjustment function.
  • Keeps coffee hot for a long time.
  • Prepares coffee with-in three minutes.
  • Offers reliable, fresh and pure taste.
Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Quite slow

6. Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with K-Cup Pods and Ground Coffee, Black
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A coffee maker is bearing 12-cup glass carafe in inclusion with the brewer. Besides, it has a heating plate which helps in keeping the coffee hot.

It is an ideal item for heating of carafe and a cup. All you need is using k-cup grounds and ground coffee. The multiple brew size is brewing six to twelve cups of a carafe.

It has high compatibility with the filter accessory of gold-tone mesh. The coffee filter is reusable, and thus you will be using it in brewing carafe correctly.

Furthermore, the 60-ounce water reservoir has been shared between the carafe brewing and single serve. You will thus end up saving on time and simplifying your morning routine.

The removable tank is ideal in making refilling easier. Their carafe water reservoir consists of 60 ounces. They support the brew-up process which takes place with minimal effort.

This way, you will succeed in saving the overall time spent in the conduction of different morning routines. The brew is strong and makes sure the overall brew-up process takes place with a lot of ease.

There are 30 inches overall cord which makes people have the best form of services at all times. The main materials which are known to be present in these products are Stoneware. They are durable materials that make sure people acquire the highest kind of services.


  • Removable tank simplifies the re-filling process.
  • 60-ounces carafe brew.
  • Reusable and quality coffee filter.
  • Brews around 6-12 cups in overall.
  • Makes sure the coffee remains hot.
Pros Cons
  • Highly compatible
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Makes weak coffee

7. Sboly Upgrade Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine with Thermal Mug, Compatible with K Cup Pod and Ground Coffee, 3 Mins Fast Brew Single Cup Coffee Makers Brewer, 6 to 14 Oz Brew Size
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A product with one button and super-easy operation. You will learn how to use it without having to seek help. This way, you will enjoy the procedure of coffee preparation that occurs with minimal effort.

It has modern technology, which helps in the brewing of coffee fast. You will embrace and love the overall process used in the manufacture of the coffee.

This way, you will attend to your other duties at the right time. With the click of one button, you will start on the brewing process of coffee pods or grounds. You will get certainty you will have the best form of coffee.

This implies the mix-up process takes place in the best manner. You will thus simplify your morning routine. Besides, you will end up having a cup of hot coffee, which is flavorful.

This way, you will remain rejuvenated as you get to handle all the different works. The mini single-serve coffee maker is featuring a quick brewing time.

With 90 seconds, you will have your coffee, and the coffee will have a temperature of 169 degrees F. It will save on your time and thus start your day earlier than you could while using a different method of making coffee.

It is time you consider investing in these durable devices. They will give you quality services for many years to come. This way, you will love the great services you will acquire from the use of these durable and quality products.


  • Simple overall cooking method.
  • Prepares coffee within 90 seconds.
  • Supports the ground of coffee pods.
  • Super-easy and modern operations.
  • Quality and durable services.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Long-lasting
  • Competitive price tag
  • Water can spill and mess
  • Noisy to operate

8. CHULUX Coffee Maker Machine

CHULUX Coffee Maker Machine,Single Cup Pod Coffee Brewer with Quick Brew Technology,Blue
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If you wish to have a cup of coffee before the start of the day, CHULUX is the best product. Though it does not support tall mugs, it is best for use in the office or the kitchen.

You may use it for filters and pods with grounds. It has a 12-ounce capacity, which is generous. You will end up brewing coffee to a temperature of 160 degrees in three minutes only.

It is less frustrating and thus will not end up fitting underneath a tall travel mug. You will get around by pouring coffee into a cup ounce, which is abundant in size.

The mini single serve coffee maker also contains a one-touch operation for a removable and convenient drip tray. With the present one button, you will get the chance to control the products off and on operations.

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This way, you will be certain the brew-up process will take place with minimal effort. Besides, there is an indicator light that is blue and comes with the best shut-off that guides the over-heating process.

This implies you will get the chance of using these unique products to acquire hot water whenever the need be. Besides, they have a lightweight which makes them the best travel item people may ever consider relying on.

They have a compact and quality design that is known to occupy minimal space. This way, you will carry the brewer with lesser effort. These are the best products you may ever consider using in the travel car, meeting room, apartment, offices, and living rooms.


  • One touch and convenient operations.
  • Supports easy pour of coffee.
  • Offers the simplest operations.
  • Supports the use of the tall mugs.
  • Guide in preparation of tea.
Pros Cons
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • It takes a short time to brew
  • Produces coffee with high temperatures
  • Spills water
  • It does not fit the tall mugs present underneath it

9. Keurig K-Classic Cofeee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod, Single Serve, Programmable, 6 to 10 oz. Brew Sizes, Black
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If you wish to achieve the most potent brew, this is the ideal coffee maker for you. It will assist you in brewing six or more cups of coffee before refilling.

You will thus end up simplifying your morning routine and save on time. The reservoir can be removed with ease. You will, therefore, refill water without any form of straining.

Through descaling, you will clean the coffee maker with ease. The process will assist you in the removal of scale or calcium deposits. The auto-off feature has been programmed easily.

It will help in turning off the coffee maker after being idle for two hours. It is effortless using cup coffee maker. The silver color gorgeous scheme will be providing lovely coffee in one minute.

The descaling process helps in the simple clean-up process of the product. This way, you will succeed in the removal of scale and calcium products.

This way, you will get the chance to acquire the best single serve you may ever want to come across. There is an auto-off feature that makes the item make coffee after every two hours while programmed to do so.

Besides, many bottom controls simplify how these products work. When you insert the pod, you will succeed in the selection of the cup brew with the best-desired size. This way, you will result with the best coffee which has the best form of taste.


  • Gorgeous silver color scheme.
  • Auto-off programmed feature.
  • Supports removal of calcium deposits at all times.
  • Easy to use and remove reservoir.
  • Supports the brew of six cups or even more.
Pros Cons
  • Ideal for six or more cups
  • You will easily play around with settings
  • Gives the ability to choose on brewing temperature
  • Bears color screen
  • Has no default preferences

10. Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, With Strength Control and Hot Water On Demand, Matte Black
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The coffee maker box is coming with one filter and one water filter handle. It is a mini single-serve coffee maker which assists in ensuring that the beverages end up tasting to their absolute best You will have the capability to brew a variety of cups to six, eight, ten, and 12 ounces depending on size of cup placed in Best Mug Holder Tree. Enjoy having the popular primary sizes using this quiet technology of brewing. It is ideal in minimizing noise while using it. Furthermore, the brew is strong. It helps in kicking up of coffees’ intensity and strength. The water reservoir is large and has the capability of holding 52 ounces. Therefore, you will end up brewing five cups before refilling. As a result, you will save on time as it simplifies your morning routine. This coffee maker has a 52 oz large water reservoir. These are products that support the brew-up of coffee with a lot of ease. This way, your morning routine will get simplified highly. Besides, the button and simple controls and determine the kind of service you need to expect from these products. You require to engage in pod insertion and after that pick on the best morning routine that will suit you best. This way, you will result in delicious and well-brewed coffee at all times. Their drip tray is removable. It has the capacity of accommodating the 7.4″ travel mugs. This way, you will get to hold the brew which is simple to clean at all times.


  • Comes with filter handle and one filter.
  • Offers the best taste to beverages.
  • Makes 6, 8, 10 and 12 cups depending on the cup size.
  • Quiet technology which offer the best services.
  • Large and 52 ounces water reservoir.
Pros Cons
  • Saves on time
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • It is easily portable
  • A bit noisy

Guide on Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

While working or preparing to go to work, the single serve coffee maker will help you in coffee preparation. As a result, you will finish on the process of coffee preparation in a short time. The main factors to consider in coffee preparation include:


Do you wish to buy a single-serve coffee maker that will suit your budget? There will be one that is ideal for you. Besides, you may consider getting a single coffee maker, which is more expensive for more quality results.


Just like instant pot duo mini, you need to find whether you have plenty of space to put the single coffee maker or are running out of space. All you need is ensuring you have enough space to access the water reservoir that you are using.


You need to consider whether you wish to carry the single-serve coffee maker to your office or not. In case you are considering portability as the main factor, buying a product that has a lightweight so that you may carry it with more ease.


You need to put consideration in the way in which the coffee maker will fit in the kitchen. Do looking for something colorful and fun, elegant, and sleek? Take time to determine the best product for you.


It is best to buy a mini single serve coffee maker that you can adjust its temperatures. When you have an adjustable product, you will be able to fix the cup of any size.

Time of brewing

There are single best coffee machine capable of making coffee in a short while. To save time, buy a product that will make coffee in the soonest time possible.


The best single serve coffee maker discussed above has an intuitive and impressive range of features. They are highly compatible and with competitive prices. There are many single-serve coffee makers in the market. It is this hard determining what will suit you best. However, you need to consider buying on the of the discussed products for durable services. Make your order today and get to enjoy the excellent services of these single-serve coffee makers.

The best single serve coffee maker in the market is Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker. It is a reliable product in assisting in the brewing of coffee and is known for using a single-serve scooping filter.

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