10 Best Pocket Protectors

10 Best Pocket Protectors (Reviews) in 2021

Are you tired of your shirts getting stained from pen ink when you clip them in the shirt pocket? Well, it is time that you consider a pocket protector. The best pocket protectors are sheaths essential for storing writing items and other materials like notes or even job IDs. The pocket protectors are crafted with quality and thick materials that prevent the shirt or garment pocket from getting ink stains or tearing.

The majority of the best pocket protectors have the universal size so you can easily fit on shirt, coat, or pants pockets. These sheaths are super comfortable to carry for a day as they have lightweight crafting. This article features the top best pocket protectors and the buying guide to help you choose the right pocket protector.

List of Top 10 Best Pocket Protectors Reviews

1. KLOUD City Assorted Colors Pocket Protector for Pen Leaks

KLOUD City Assorted Colors Pocket Protector for Pen Leaks (8pcs different color)
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If you are looking for a pen leak pocket protector that you can use with different shirts, KLOUD best pocket protectors is a good option. The pocket protector is designed in 8 different colors.

Each pocket protector can efficiently hold up to 4 pieces of pens. This pocket protector is perfect for doctors, teachers, or any other person who regularly uses a pen.

The shirt pocket protector has a universal fitting and can easily fit in most shirt pockets. The pocket protector has a lightweight design, so you don’t need to worry about your shirt pocket hanging.

The material construction of this pocket protector guarantees you durability and leak-proof. Generally, the package consists of pocket and eight different protectors.

These are quality products that support the storage of different items with minimal effort. Generally, it can hold up to a maximum of four and six pens.

These best pocket protectors have quality products that help people get the chance to use these devices with minimal effort. When it comes to compatibility, these products have the best compatibility.

They come with unique and durable materials which help people get to acquire the best kind of services. When it comes to quality, the reliable nature of these products is known all over the world.


  • Adequate and secure storage area.
  • Fits well in the different pockets.
  • Offers protection to pen holders.
  • Best for use in offices and schools.
  • Fine pack with pretty colors.
Pros Cons
  • The pen protector model comes in 8 colors
  • The pocket protector holds four pens
  • The protector is light in weight
  • The pocket protector fits in most shirts
  • These pocket protectors have a plastic material design which makes it look cheaply made

2. Wisdompro 5 Pack Heavy-Duty Pocket Protector

Wisdompro 5 Pack Heavy Duty Pocket Protector for Shirts, Lab Coats, Pants - Multi-Purpose- Holds Pens, Pointers, Cards, and Notes. Top is Pre-Slotted for Lanyard and Has Holes for Nametag - Clear
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Whether you like keeping your pens in pants, coat, or even shirt pocket, this is a multifunctional pocket protector that is safe to use. The plastic pocket protector has excellent and durable materials designed to secure the pocket from contact with the pen ink stains.

Besides storing your pens, this Best Galaxy Note 9 Wallet Cases protector is great for keeping other small office essentials like cards, pointers, and notes.

The best pocket protectors has a hole on to the top section if you want to carry it as a lanyard. Inserting this pocket protector to your shirt pocket or pants is smooth since the materials are flexible and foldable.

This is one of the best product you may ever buy. Its heavy duty construction makes it last long and thus its increased demand. Also, it compromises with different multipurpose nature to help it last long.

The device fits well in all the different pockets. You are free o use these quality products with both lab coats and shirt dress coats. Their color is clear and never gets to spoil both the color and design of the different clothing.

Another thing, there are ID badges and separate slots which guide the placement of the best nametags. These devices are great and you will use them in meetings.

Ordinarily, you will use these best pocket protectors in forums, and business conferences. Again, they are manufactured with the help of flexible, durable, and soft materials.


  • High quality and unique protectors.
  • Made of heavy duty and durable construction.
  • Guide in storage on notes and pointers.
  • Compatible with both jackets and shirts.
  • Made of flexible and soft materials.
Pros Cons
  • This is a multifunctional pocket protector
  • You can use it as a pen holder or a name tag holder
  • This pocket protector is ideal for use with pants pocket too
  • The item is affordable.
  • This pocket protector can’t hold more than four pens, especially the big ones

3. Wisdomrpo Genuine Leather Heavy Duty Pocket Protector Pen Holder Pouch

Wisdompro Genuine Leather Heavy Duty Pocket Protector Pen Holder Pouch for Shirts, Lab Coats, Pants - Multi-Purpose - Holds Pens, Pointers, Pencils, and Notes - Vintage Black
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The genuine leather and best pocket protectors material design of this pocket protector guarantees durability and total protection of your shirt if the pen leak. The design also makes it look classy regardless of where you put it.

The pocket protector has a universal fitting so you can use it with lab coats, pants pocket, and shirt pockets. The shirt pocket protector can also keep small essentials that you may continuously require, such as business cards and notes.

This product color code makes it more minimal and sleeker since it contains jet black and dark gray color gradient which is combined with leather finish to make it more beautiful and premium while adding style aspect to the outfit.

These items remove the expenses one would have incurred in the use of expensive jackets and shirts. This way, the shirts can offer the best form of protection from different leaky and broken pens.

Again, these best pocket protectors are in use with leaky pens. This way, they can offer the best form of protection to users. Another thing, they are great for use in shops, hospitals, schools, and offices.

These devices are soft and durable. This implies these devices will serve you well in the many years to come. Their cowhide is flexible and works with the help of leather and cowhides.

Generally, these devices will make sure you acquire the best form of services you may have ever desired to acquire. Thus, they will serve you for a long time.


  • Made of genuine and luxurious leather.
  • Performs different tasks with ease.
  • Sleek and minimal color code.
  • Made of premium and genuine materials.
  • Multi-purpose pocket protector.
Pros Cons
  • This pocket protector pen holder is foldable for easy fitting in the pocket
  • It has quality leather material construction
  • The pocket protector can be used to hold various items in the office, school, or other working places
  • This pen holder is a bit smaller and can only fit around two to three pens

4. Wisdompro Pocket Protector 3 Pack PU Leather Heavy Duty Pen Holder

Wisdompro Pocket Protector, 3 Pack PU Leather Heavy Duty Pen Holder Pouch for Shirts, Lab Coats, Pants - Multi-Purpose - Holds Pens, Pointers, Pencils, and Notes - Black
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Keep your pens and other small office essentials closeby while on the move by getting this holder. The pen holder also secures your clothes from pen stains in case the ink leaks.

The Best Pocket Protectors are made with PU leather materials that are super durable and convenient. The pouch measures 4.7 x 3.5 inches, which fits in most pockets of shirts, pants, dust coats, and even lab coats.

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Besides storing pens, the best pocket protectors is useful for keeping pointers, small notes, and business cards. This pen holder my cost relatively higher than other models, but the quality and convenience in storage are worth every penny.

The great pen holder is suitable for use with note, marker, pen, pencil and other different stationeries. More also, the handmade holder pounces are durable, soft and made of leather.

This is thus the best choice to help you in protecting your pen. Their multi-purpose nature helps them to hold the board markers, pens, and pencils with a lot of ease.

This way, you will get the chance to save on the purchase of jackets and shorts. Again, they guide in the protection of different shirts from leaky and broken pens.

These are best pocket protectors that are best for use while in meetings, forums, conferences, and business. Again, you may as well use them in the store, shop. hospitals, schools, and offices.


  • Wide and high quality applications.
  • Made of soft and durable materials.
  • Soft leather and handmade materials.
  • Compact and holds four pens.
  • Great for use in businesses and meetings.
Pros Cons
  • The pen holder is made of PU leather materials
  • The pouch is suitable for office and school use
  • It has thick material to secure the shirt from tearing and pen ink stains
  • This pouch is super light for convenience carrying all day.
  • This shirt pocket protector and pen holder is too small yet expensive since it can only hold around two pens

5. Evocel Tactical Carrier

Evocel Urban Pouch Tactical Carrier with Belt Loop & Holster (5.39 in x 2.79 in x 0.35 in) Compatible with Galaxy J3, Galaxy On5, LG Aristo 2, Apple iPhone 6 / 7/ 8, Moto E4, & More, Medium
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Are you looking for a quality pouch to carry your phone and pens while outdoors? I would recommend this great pouch from Evocel.

The best pocket protectors measures 5.39 x 2.79 x 0.35 inches and has a belt hoop for securing your belt. The pen pocket protector is compatible with multiple phone models from iOS and Android.

The material construction of the pouch consists of durable nylon that is flexible to prevent limitation when moving. The safety of your device is guaranteed with this pouch as it has soft inner lining materials.

Evocel has been made to take care of rigorous activity stress without leading to tear and ripping. The device will be secured well using loop and hook fasteners that will keep you safe at all times.

Generally, these devices offer the best form of reliability. They are made of nylon materials that work out with minimal effort, Again, the Evocel is an urban pouch whose design supports the presence of rigorous and stress-free activities.

This way, you will use these best pocket protectors in many years without the tearing and ripping process. Again, the devices are secure while the loop and hook fasteners work with minimal effort.

If you wish to have safe services, these are the best devices you may ever rely on. They come with a carriage and multiple options which works with the help of a pen holder. These pouches are integrated and come with loops.


  • Durable and nylon materials.
  • Made of elastic and pouch bands.
  • Comes with hook and loop fasteners.
  • Supports different vertical and horizontal positions.
  • High quality and unique metal clip.
Pros Cons
  • This is a multifunctional pouch that you can also use to carry pens
  • The size and design fits most models of phones
  • It comes with a loop and straps to secure it on the belt
  • The seams are well stitched to prevent ripping.
  • The clip-on this pouch is not reliable as it keeps on moving from the belt

6. Heavy-duty Pocket protector with horizontal ID Badge

5 Pack - Heavy Duty Pocket Protector with Horizontal ID Badge Holder - Clear Plastic Shirt/Lab Coat Pocket Pouch Organizer for Pens, Pencils, Small Tools, Name Tags and More by Specialist ID
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Keep your white shirts safe from ink staining if you love to clip your pen on shirt pocket by acquiring this great pouch. It features a clear colour design that blends well with different colors or designs of shirts.

One pack of this samsung galaxy tab s5e case pocket protector consists of 5 pieces that will last you for a long time. Each pouch measures 2 3/ 8 x 3 3 /8 inches to fit a badge or even an ID.

You can fit 3 to four pieces of pens on this pouch. You will surely love the fact that these best pocket protectors will protect your shirts from possibility of getting ink spots.

As a result, you will not have a hard task while carrying out the cleaning process. Besides, it has a professional sleeve to store ID. It is more professional than wearing of ID around the neck.

Another thing, these products are sturdy and durable. They are made of vinyl and strong materials which works with the help of a pocket protector.

Besides, they fit well in jeans and shirts pockets. Their multi-purpose nature of best pocket protectors allows people to wear them with scrub jackets, coats, work shirts, and dress shirts.

Another thing, they come with unique and high-quality protectors. This implies you will have the best expensive works that any person would ever wish to come across. With these products, there will be an easy procedure that supports the transfer of pockets and white coats.


  • You will realize that while using this pen holder, it will offer maximum protection to all your shirts.
  • It is made of heavy duty materials which helps it last for long time and still offer reliable and quality services
  • There is a horizontal sleeve which carries the ID and is much more professional than wearing ID around the neck
  • While ordering this 5-pack pen holder, you have guarantee you will save a lot money and still acquire a highly custom made product.
  • The RFID card sleeve will assist you to get protection from any theft which is related to credit card number.
Pros Cons
  • This pouch is flexible and foldable for easy slipping in the pocket
  • You can also carry a badge by fitting it horizontally
  • One pack has five pouches
  • Some customers have complained about this pen holder being too wide to hold in a shirt pocket

7. Raine Tactical Gear Pen Holder

Raine Tactical Gear - Tactical Pen - Raine Pencil Holder - Military Pencil Pouch - Tactical Pencil Pouch - Pen Pouch - Tactical Pen and Pencil Holder
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This heavy-duty nylon tactical pen holder is perfect for storing pens, pencils, and markers, among others. This tactical holder can keep three pens and a marker on the front pocket.

These best pocket protectors are multifunctional since it is safe to use in construction areas too. You can store a pair of scissors on the pouch for easy access when working with it.

The pen pocket protector has an adjustable belt hoop for easy securing it around the waist when using. You will therefore use it with a lot of ease without worry that it may fall.

It is time you order this spacious pen holder and get a guarantee of maximum protection of your different products. With the larger marker, you have guarantee it will hold them conveniently and prevent occurrence of any form of damages.

Besides, these are products which offer the best space for the storage of pens. The pencils and tactical holder fit perfectly while three pens are placed inside.

Again, the best pocket protectors pencils come with a back and large pockets which work well with the help of larger markers. Another thing, their nylon is durable.

This makes these tactical pens work with the help of these holders. Generally, they are made of nylon and tough fabrics on different ends.

This way, you will get the chance to secure the loops and hooks in their place. Another thing, it comes with a belt hook. It guides the overall adjustment process.


  • Military’s and high quality pencils.
  • Three pencils overlal adequate space.
  • Made of tough and secure fabric.
  • Scissor holder back pocket.
  • Tactical and well inspected pens.
Pros Cons
  • You can use this pouch holder in industries
  • It can keep multiple pens and marker
  • The nylon material design guarantees its durability
  • This is a multifunctional tactical pouch
  • The pouch is quite expensive

8. DE 6 Pcs Black vinyl Pocket protector for Pen Leaks

DE 6 Pcs Black Vinyl Pocket Protector for Pen Leaks
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This black pocket protector has thick vinyl material that secures the clothes from ink stains. One pack has a total of 6 vinyl best pocket protectors to last you for a while.

Each pocket protector measures 3 3 / x 6 1/4 and can hold up to 4 pieces of pens. The design and shape of these Best Pocket Protectors fit most shirts sizes and designs.

The best part is that these vinyl pocket protectors are affordable since they cost less than 5 dollars. Who does this DE pocket protector suit best?

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The plastic pocket protector is recommendable for people working in the office, doctors, teachers, and constructors. This because not only does it protect the pocket from staining, but the pouch provides comfortable storage space for easy access to pens.

These best pocket protectors fit well when people use them with a lab coat, shirt pocket, dress shirt, and t-shirt pocket. Their colors are clear and prevent all forms of spoils.

Generally, the separate slots work with different ID Badges. Their name tags present on the top make these products unique and they offer high-quality services.

When it comes to the clean-up process, the procedure takes place with a lot of ease. Generally, it is time you purchase these products and acquire the best services you may ever desire to have.


  • Made of PVC and high quality materials.
  • Made of convenient and perfect size.
  • Offers adequate protection to all the broken lids.
  • Six holder high quality pieces.
  • Portable and easy to carry item.
Pros Cons
  • These vinyl pocket protectors are affordable
  • The vinyl material construction is durable
  • One pouch can hold up to 4 pens
  • The pen holder only weighs 0.65 pounds for comfortable carrying
  • The pocket protectors are a bit narrow and may not fit in some shirt pockets

9. Qmet Pocket Protector Classic Transparent

QMET Pocket Protector, Classic Transparent 12 Pack
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One feature that makes this the best shirt pocket protector is the classic transparent materials. No one can quickly notice you have a pocket protector in the pocket to match with different colors and designs of outfits.

These best pocket protectors size and configuration are suitable for holding pens and pencils for easy access in the office or class. The plastic pocket protector has thick material construction.

It provides a thick surface to secure pens to prevent loss. This QMET protector is much similar to other products as it consists of standard and high quality materials.

Besides, best pocket protectors have a clear style look which helps it to camouflage with the shirts at all times. With these products, you will acquire the best pocket protection you may have desired to acquire for many years.

Again, the items work well at all the different items. This implies the shirt will not acquire any form of ink on the shirts. Another thing is that the item can store different pencils and pens with ease.

This way, all the different products will get stored with ease and thus deliver the best services. It is time you save your shirt pocket through the use of this item.

This way, you will acquire the best form of services and remains comfortable all day long. In this case, you are certain there is no time in which you will get to lose your pens.


  • Supports organization of different tools.
  • Standard and comfortable sizes.
  • Pen holder offers high protection levels.
  • Gives protection to pens and tools.
  • Made of crystal clear and quality materials.
Pros Cons
  • These Best Pocket Protectors are multifunctional since you can use them with different outfits
  • The transparent design gives it a great and neat look in the pocket
  • The poach is large to fit multiple pens and pencils
  • They have thick material to prevent staining the short
  • If you are prone to use your pens often, this pocket protector poach is not the right choice since it an easy tear.

10. Moko Holder CaseFit

MoKo Holder Case Fit Apple Pencil 1&2, PU Leather Case Fit iPad 9th Gen 2021/8th Gen 2020/7th Gen 2019/iPad Mini 6 2021/iPad Air 4 2020/iPad Pro 11 & 12.9 2021, for Stylus Pen,Black
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Are you looking for a quality smartpen holder that you can travel with? The Moko best pocket protectors are the right choice. The pen holder is designed with quality materials that guarantee durability and convenience as well.

Note that this pocket holder is compatible with smartpens from apple and Androids. The case has thick material construction to protect the pen from external damages such as scratches, shock, and even dirt.

The poach is designed in a unique and class style so you can comfortably tag it when going anywhere. The pouch is made of leather materials and has straps inside to secure the pen from moving around.

The materials are waterproof to safeguard the pen from water damages. Another thing, the item is made of PU leather and premium materials.

The best pocket protectors are non-scratch and soft and works with the help of the microfiber interior. Again, the mesh pockets are built-in and work with the help of elastic straps.

This way, you will succeed in the secure of small and storage accessories. Generally, they work as original apple adapters, earphones, and charging cables.

When it comes to durability, these products are known to last long. There are zipper and sealing designs that determine how one uses these devices more conveniently.


  • Well designed product.
  • Prevents occurrence of shocks and scratches.
  • Elastic and built-in quality pockets.
  • Elastic strap guide in the storage of different accessories.
  • Leather and durable zipper design.
Pros Cons
  • This case holder is compatible with Apple and Samsung smartpens
  • It has a waterproof and quality material design
  • The case has a zipper closure for easy access to the store pen
  • The interior has mesh straps to secure the smartpen in place
  • This smartpen holder case is slightly smaller

Buying guide for the best pocket protector

For you to have surety that clothes are clean at all times, there is need of investing in a quality and reliable pocket protector. The best protector which is worth buying need to have these qualities.

The use

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a pocket protector for the pen is your needs. Do you need a poach for holding pens alone or a poach that can accommodate other items like markers and badges? The best pocket protectors are made in varying styles and sizes that fit multiple uses. So, if you need a holder that can carry all these writing materials, make sure it has enough storage spaces and is large enough.

The size

The size is another crucial factor worth checking out, especially if you need a pocket protector holder you can use with different shirts. Although most brands have a universal fitting style, it is good to make sure that the pocket protector you choose can fit in your shirts’ pockets or coats. You can measure your shirts’ inner pocket sizes to guide you to choose the right size of the protector holder.

The materials construction

You need a pocket protector that will serve the purposes and last for a long time. A quality pocket protector secures your shirts from ink staining and tearing from the pen. So, choose a model that has heavy-duty material design, and that is durable as well. Most of the best pocket protectors are made with vinyl, plastic, and leather materials. The plastic materials are suitable for people who need an invisible pocket protector. But, some models are made with quality, long-lasting plastic materials.

On the other hand, the leather and vinyl pocket protectors are the best for quality and durability. If you need a pocket protector for outdoor use, ensure it has waterproof materials to secure your item from water damages. This is crucial if you need the protector for carrying smartpens.


If you need quality and durable pocket protector pen holders and cases for carrying your pens, these are the top ten best pocket protectors on the market. The best pocket protectors have universal fitting so you can interchange and use them with different shirts. They are also suitable to use with pants pockets or lab coats. So, find the perfect pocket protector from these ten models depending on the type of pen you have or where you want to use it.

If you are in a dilemma on the product to buy, the best product for you is KLOUD City Assorted Colors Pocket Protector for Pen Leaks. They come with adequate storage space to secure up to five pens and thus you will rest with assurance you will not lose your pens at any time. The package fits well in the pocket and thus you will not have to keep on pulling it back to the pocket.

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