How To Reinstall Faucet Aerator? 

How To Remove Faucet Aerator That is Stuck [Get All the Details]

Aerators are mechanical devices or pieces of equipment generally used for aeration or combining air with another substance such as water and soil. Now, come to the definition of a faucet aerator.

A faucet aerator is an essential device attached to the nip of sink faucets and allows air to add up with water. In that way, it reduces water usage and saves a small amount of money on your water bill. Research shows that nearly 16 gallons of water can be saved every day by using aerators.

However, the aerator needs to be cleaned or replaced in a certain period to ensure its efficiency. For cleaning or replacing, it must be removed first, right? But How To Remove Faucet Aerator That is Stuck?

You can remove stuck faucet aerators by using pillars, hands, or wrench & even you can use vinegar. To get details regarding the query, check out the context below where we have discussed it with simple words.

Possible Causes Of Faucet Aerator Stuck [That Should Be Known]

Before resolving any problem, it is better to know why this problem occurs. In this segment, we have described some possible reasons for the faucet aerator being stuck. Let’s check them out.

Causes Of Faucet Aerator Stuck

1. Outdated or Old Aerator is considered one of the leading causes of aerator stuck. Aerator becomes fragile over time that acts on their fitting and efficiency. In that case, if you don’t change it in time, scale or lime deposit may bulk up and make it even difficult to remove. We recommend replacing an aerator once a year, but before replacing it, make sure that it is made with quality materials to prevent corrosion.

Outdated or Old Aerator

2. Dirt & Debris is another reason for the aerator being lodged. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an old aerator or a new one, it needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt from it. The aerator’s female fitting can be jammed due to excess dirt & debris and make it hard to remove.

Dirt & Debris

3. Corrosion of an aerator is one of the prominent reasons for being stuck. As we know, aerators are made with materials that rust, and if you don’t clean them regularly, the rust assembles and then covers every part of the aerator. That type of aerator decreases the flow of water and sometimes comes out black water.

4. Mineral Deposits like calcium and manganese bulk up around the aerator over time. If you don’t scrub it on time, the limescale will congest the aerator that makes it stuck. Usually, hard water contains that type of mineral. Considering that, the faucets’ aerator can be altered regularly, or you can use the best Miseno Bathroom Faucets for hard water.

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Mineral Deposits

Tools And Materials [You’ll Need To Remove Faucet Aerator]

To extract a stuck faucet aerator, you need to accumulate some necessary tools to make it easy and fast. They include

Tools And Materials Remove Faucet Aerator

  • Collect Aerator Key
  • White Distilled Vinegar
  • WD-40
  • Rubber-Coated Pliers
  • Rubber Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Clean & Soft Towel
  • Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

How To Remove Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck [Some Effective Procedures]

Once the tool is accumulated, now jump into the main task. In this segment, we’ll demonstrate How to Remove Recessed Faucet Aerator executing some simple procedures.

1. Extract a Faucet Aerator Using Your Hand

This is the initial way that you can try to remove your aerator that is stuck. First, before going to unscrew with your hands, dry the faucet and your hands properly to get a firm grip. Now loosen the faucet aerator in a right to left direction. For getting extra benefits while unscrewing, you can use a rubber gripper pad. In that way, the aerator should come off easily, but if it doesn’t, then try the next method.

Extract a Faucet Aerator

2. Detach Aerator Using Pliers

Pliers are hand tools that are used to grip an object firmly.  To remove the aerator with pliers use a couple of small tongue and grip pliers. Now place pliers back and forth of the screw section and turn counterclockwise direction[Right to Left].  If it seems difficult then readjusting the position of the pliers can help you.

Detach Aerator Using Pliers

Note: If you are supposed to remove the aerator for cleaning it, then tape around it to protect it from being damaged by the pliers’ grip.

3. Use Rubber Wrench To Remove a Faucet Aerator

If you still fail to remove a faucet aerator with pliers, you can accomplish it with a rubber wrench. Rubber wrench ensures tighter grip than pliers and won’t slip away easily.

Rubber Wrench To Remove a Faucet Aerator

To detach the faucet aerator with a rubber wrench, hold it with the wrench and drag it in one direction. If the faucet doesn’t move around, then pull it in the opposite direction.

4. Get a Faucet Aerator Out With Heat

Do you know the faucet aerator can be removed with the help of applying heat? It is pretty more uncomplicated than the other process. First, take a heat gun or hair dryer and then apply heat to the aerator. Initially, apply modest heat in reduction to help loosen the metal, then attempt again with the pliers or wrench that will be convenient for you to use.

Faucet Aerator Out With Heat

Note: Before applying heat, make sure that your used aerator is made with metal. If you execute heat on a plastic-made aerator, it will be melted.

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Use Vinegar To Remove Stuck Faucet Aerator

If your aerator is filled with dirt and debris and gets stuck, using vinegar can help you get it out. To remove the faucet aerator with vinegar, follow the steps below.

  1. Dam up a ziplock bag with white vinegar
  2. Plunge the aerator in the bag for a few hours
  3. After a few hours later, clean the faucet to remove corrosion and debris
  4. Now use pliers, or wrench to loosen the faucet

Remove Faucet Aerator With WD-40

Once you have cleared all the debris with vinegar, try using WD-4 on the aerator to remove it. But before applying WD-40, make sure that you have proper ventilation ways. Now track down the below steps.


  1. Spritz some WD-40  first on the faucet aerator
  2. Let it place for a couple of minutes to breach the metal
  3. After passing a few moments, dry off the faucet for a proper grip
  4. Lastly, use pliers to extract the faucet aerator

How To Reinstall Faucet Aerator[ Step By Step Guidelines]

A question may arise in your mind that how can I reinstall the faucet aerator after removing it right? Well, you don’t need to be worried about it, as we have shown in this section.

  1. First, make sure that you have turned off the water supply to the faucet.
  2. Unscrew the older aerator by turning it right to left direction. You can do it with your hands, wrench, or pliers as well.
  3. Now take the new aerator that will fit your faucet. If you intend to use an aerator on your bathroom faucets, then select a 1.5 or 1.0 gallon per minute aerator. A 2 GPM aerator will be effective in the kitsch faucets.
  4. Install the aerator at the point of the faucet and then screw it gently and turn on the sink tap to test it.

Final Thought

As demonstrated above, your water bill can be saved using an aerator, and it also allows water to flow with proper water pressure. But this small device can be inconvenient when it is blocked. On the grounds of that, you need to detach the aerator for cleaning or repairing.

The procedure of removing the aerator is simple and consumes less time. You just need to know How To Remove Faucet Aerator That Is Stuck Properly. We have already mentioned regarding the query. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you to get rid of the removing stuck faucet aerator problem.

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