Fix Black Water Coming Out Of Faucet

What Causes Black Water From Faucet? [An Expert Explains 2021]

It is a matter of displeasure when you turn on your water tap and pour out black water, right? But, have you ever tried to find out What Causes Black Water From Faucet? Maybe you did, or not, leave it. There are several reasons behind getting ordure or black water, including mineral deposits, dirty pipes, old filter systems, etc.

But do you know it can be fixed without encountering any difficulties? Whatever, throughout the context, we’ll specify the prominent causes behind the issue and then confer a complete guideline to resolve it. So, stay with us and keep reading.

What Causes Black Water From Faucet?

Discolored or black water, whatever you say coming out from the water tap, is common. But the maximum number of people don’t comprehend why it happens even on miseno faucets too. On the grounds of that, they can’t resolve it. Keeping that in our mind, we have enlisted some prominent reasons for it in this segment

What Causes Black Water From Faucet

1. Mineral Debris

Mineral Deposits in the water that flows through the plumbing system are one of the main reasons for black water from your faucets. Some common raw materials such as Magnesium, Iron, & Manganese develop in your water system over time. When these minerals deteriorate [ Added up with oxygen as they pour out of your faucet], they turn black.

2. Outdated or Dirty Pipes

Pipes that are constructed in the plumbing system can be the reason for black water as well. When water flows into pipes, they are filled with rust, and after a while, they come out through your faucets, and you get dark or discolored water. Rusty water generally appears orange, red, or brown, but sometimes it can seem black. Iron pipes, steel pipes, copper pipes, and pipes that are instigated with a double layer of zinc all are receptive to rust.

Rusty Pipes

3. Mildew Growth

Black or dark water pouring out of your tap can also result from mildew that emerges in your pipes and discolor the water. Mold in your water can be hazardous to you and other members’ health of your family.  If you notice that Mildew is growing in your plumbing system, then call a plumbing expert to resolve it immediately.

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Mildew Growth

4. Particles of Sand & Clay

Sand and clay particles on the water lines can be another reason behind getting black water. Black water relatively comes out more from a private well. That’s why we recommend getting water from the city water line that has less clay and sand; thus, you won’t get dirty water.

5. Old Water Filter System

Granular activated carbon is used in a good deal of water filtration systems that effectively soak up odors, chemicals, and tastes from unfiltered water. However, over time, those granular carbon particles can build their way into your water supply and alter the water black that comes out of your water fountain.

Old Water Filter System

How Dangerous Is Black Water From The Faucet?

Black water can cause several health problems as it holds a massive portion of iron, manganese, and magnesium. Drinking water with excess manganese can lead to a problem with the nervous system. This can be the reason for behavioral changes and create difficulties with limb movement as well.

Apart from that, you may confront several issues with your memory, motor skills, and attention. It has been specified by a group of researchers that manganese on Black water causes problems with kids’ brain development and effects on child’s memory.

Aside from affecting the health of humans, black water taste is unpleasant even if you drink it after purifying or filtering. In addition, black water causes black stains on the sink, toilet, or bathtub.

Black Water From The Faucet

How To Fix Black Water Coming Out Of Faucet?

Black Water coming out of the faucet can be resolved by applying some simple but effective tactics. If you do not comprehend how to do it, then check out what we have given.

Fix Black Water Coming Out Of Faucet

1. Get Water Softener

In the above segment, we have already said that magnesium is one of the raw minerals commonly found in water, but you won’t be able to see magnesium in your water supply as it holds small amounts. The black water that comes out from the faucet due to magnesium is not harmful. But, as it looks nasty, you don’t want to use it, right?  Well, you can easily fix it by applying the below procedure.

  1. Purchase a testing kit to ensure magnesium is the leading cause
  2. Now get a water softener and install it on your pipelines
  3. You can use a water filter as well, but a Good Water Softener is beneficial for your clothes, skin, and hair as well.
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2. Replace the Rusty Pipes

When you get black water from the faucet due to dirty or outdated pipes, distorted and rigid particles will appear in the water that pours out your faucets. If you notice that pipes are rusting and causing discolored water, that is a sign that it must be changed as soon as possible.  For replacing the pipes, you need to call a professional mechanic.

3. Call a Plumbing Expert

If you wonder that mildew is developing in your plumbing system, then hire a plumbing expert as early as possible. Because mildew in water can be hazardous to your health. Aside from that, you can use a bleach cycle to get rid of the problem.

4. Install a Liner Screen into Your Well

Clay or sand particles on the well are the reason for black water that we have already mentioned above can be removed in different ways relying on the well you hold. A liner can be installed if you use a sandstone wall. On the contrary, for a gravel wall, then installing a screen into your well would be perfect.


What Causes Black Water From Faucet has been illustrated throughout the context. Mineral deposits, outdated or dirty pipes, mildew growth, and old water filter systems are the principal reason behind it.  We have not only clarified the problems here but also provided the solution regarding the issue that you can follow without confronting any difficulties. However, If you have any queries related to the heading, then drop your comments below.

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