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What To Wear To A Masquerade Party – Different Types Style Guide Men & Women

One of the common social anxieties that everyone fears are attending a party wearing the wrong outfit. Picking the appropriate outfit for a masquerade ball party can be daunting for someone. So, here’s all the style tips for what to wear to a masquerade party that can help you to look your best.

It’s a fun occasion where people dress up completely in a different way. Simply take a cue from the invitation for a dress code or go with the trend. Then choose a mask, shoe, accessories, and other things in accordance with the dress. So, let’s dive into the detailed discussion without delay.

What’s a Masquerade?

A masquerade ball is an event or party where people attend wearing beautiful costumes with Masquerade Masks. These parties are elegant and a much fun program. This party is usually surrounded by full-on music and dancing. Usually, masquerade ball parties have a certain dress code.

For the purpose of entertainment and celebration, these nighttime events are arranged. In the 15th century, this party emerged as a carnival festival. After that, this party becomes the most happening, popular, and a part of public festivities.

What Are The Colors For A Masquerade Party?

The common masquerade theme consists of rich colors like burgundy and deep purple. On the other side, to have an ancient look, people use gold and silver color as well. The metallic color also goes perfectly with the masquerade ball parties. Once the theme color is decided, based on this, the color of decoration items, dress codes, masquerade mask is decided.

Mostly, men prefer to wear a black or brown color dress along with a pocket square. Not only men, but women also prefer black as it’s the most classy and never goes out of style. Girls also prefer bright colors depending on the theme. The neutral color of the masquerade mask that goes with any dress color is black, silver, and gold.

What To Wear To A Masquerade Party?

The beauty of masquerade attire is that they are much elegant and stylish. So, here are the essential tips for what to wear to a masquerade party that you can consider.

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Masquerade Mask

For a masquerade ball party, the most essential outfit is the masquerade mask. You can select from several types, colors, and styles of masks. There are masks with a vintage look, party masks, couple’s masks, diamantes, and feathers. The stick masquerade masks only cover the eye area. But, you have to hold the mask over your face with the stick.Masquerade Mask

Half-face masquerade masks cover only half of the face, and there are full-face masks also available. The market is flooded with masquerade masks, so while buying, consider some things. Such as appropriate size, material, style (stick and ribbon), etc. Always choose a mask that won’t irritate your face.

Also, keep in mind while choosing that you have to eat and drink at the party. In that case, you can go for a half-faced mask. If you are concerned about the makeup stick masks can help you as they won’t contact the face. Eye masks with elastic straps are easy to wear, stay in place, and don’t mess up the hair and makeup.

For Women

Step 1 (Dress): The dress you should wear mainly depends on two things. Firstly, how formal the party is and secondly, what color mask you are wearing. A floor-length vintage style dress is the ideal choice for the high-end and classic masquerade party.Masquerade Party women

For cocktail parties, you can choose a knee-high length dress. To select the color at first, look out for the dress code. If there is no dress code on the invitation card, you can go for black, silver, or anything trendy color.

Step 2 (Shoes): Pick up a stylish, classy, as well as comfortable shoe matching with the dress. It will be better if the shoe comes with a platform to support, not too much heel, and allows for standing or walking comfortably. If you can’t manage an entire evening with high heels, go for a sparkly flat sandal or an elegant low wedge shoe.

Step 3 (Accessorize & Makeup): As you are wearing a masquerade mask, there is no need for heavy accessorize. Simply wear an elegant bracelet, earrings, and a necklace. Make sure the necklace should not detract from the mask. You should carry a stylish clutch that goes with the dress and mask. It will also help you to store the essentials.

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While wearing a masquerade mask, you should carefully plan the hair and makeup style. Go for long-wear makeup, natural blush color, match your eyes with the mask, and put on a bold lipstick. Consider a hairstyle that can properly hold the mask, and it should complement the mask also.

For Men

Step 1 (Outfit): Traditionally, masquerade balls are formal and elegant. So, you can wear anything normal like a tuxedo with a black tie. In general, people prefer to wear suits and ties at such parties. To have the event’s real spirit you can try the actual Venetian-style dress.Masquerade Party man

The classic style suits with a neutral shade like black and grey look great at masquerade ball parties. But, whatever you wear must remember your dress should go with the mask perfectly. For pants, you can choose black jeans which will perfectly go with the black shirt.

Step 2 (Shoes): When attending a masquerade ball party, men should always wear formal shoes. Select neutral color shoes for example, black and grey. Last but not the list, do not forget to wear a good-looking watch.


A masquerade party is all about dressing up and wearing the masquerade mask. Your outfit, attire, and looks will be the main attraction of the event. Choosing the perfect outfit can be difficult for some people. Once you know what to wear to a masquerade party and the essentials, it will become much easier.

Therefore we share all the necessary styling tips that can allow you to have a perfect look for the masquerade party. At first, find a unique mask, select a dress that fully complements your mask, and create a look based on these things. So, create the best look, enjoy, and have a blast at the masquerade ball party.

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