How To Hang Brooms And Mops Perfectly

How To Hang Brooms And Mops Perfectly

Which place do you consider storing Brooms and Mops? Are they stored into the corner of your room or whatever place you find? We do perceive your struggle and here we are to end it.

No need  to explain how useful Brooms and Mops are for all your sweepers and  dusters that keep your room neat and clean. But the problem is, they come in awkward sizes and shapes; that’s why it’s hard to store them.

Keeping that in our mind, we have found out some creative ideas on How to Hang Brooms and Mops that will surely help you out. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

Definition of Mobs and Brooms[A Short Overview]

There are a remarkable number of people who think Mops and Brooms are similar things. But a few differences exist between these two. We have provided the definition of both of them individually below.

How To Hang Brooms And Mops Perfectly


Broomstick is another name of Broom, which is a cleaning equipment that is usually made of stiff fivers. You’ll find a few Brooms that come with different material such as hair, plastic, or husk and inclined to a cylindrical handle. It is typically used in incorporation with a dustpan.


There are Two Types of Brooms available; the first one is Hard Broom and the second one is Soft.  For cleaning walls of cobwebs, a Soft Broom is preferable. On the contrary, Hard one is generally used in sweeping dirt off concrete floors. In general, the maximum number of Brooms are perfect for sweeping the floor or walls of home and office.


The word Mob spelled “ Mappe ” was included in an English Dictionary in 1496. But now it has been refined and introduced as Mobs. Whatever, a mop is an accumulation of yarn, coarse string, sponge, or a piece of cloth substance that is adjusted to a stick. Mops are usually used to clean floors that can soak up liquid. It can be used to mop up dust or for other purposes as well.


How To Hang Brooms And Mops[ Creative & Effective Storage Ideas]

Now we are in our main object that should be discussed. On the very first of the context, we have mentioned that some storing ideas of  Mops and Brooms have been found out. Here, we’ll describe those ideas elaborately.

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Using Hooks and Zip Ties can be the best option for all types of storage, particularly for Mops and dusters. Hooks take less space that is attachable in the wall, back of a door, or in the basement stairs. If you notice that the cleaning equipment is not suitable, or fit over the Hook, then a Zip Tie can be included to the handle to create a loop.

Using Hooks and Zip Ties

Broom And Mop Wall Hangers is another Best Way To Hang Mops And Brooms that are also known as wall-mounted hangers. These types of hanger are particularly designed to grapple the Broom’s neck securely. That can easily be placed anywhere on your wall.

Broom And Mop Wall Hangers

A Wall-Mounted Organizer can be considered if you don’t have enough space to hold the hanger, or hooks. This organizer needs to be attached to the wall but as it slides, it takes comparatively less space. You can mount the organizer in the place between your wall and freeze it too.

A Wall Mounted Organizer

A Shoe Organizer is another simple way that lets you hang cleaning appliances with a pocket. That’s why they can be easily found and seen whenever you need them. One Organizer can hold multiple washing supplies including sprays, sponge, wipes in different rows.

Shoe Organizer

By Installing a Towel Bar, you can hang your cleaning supplies with ease. Just place a towel bar on your kitchen or store room, then clasp the spray’s handle over the bar that will grip the mobs and brooms. S-Hooks can be included to hang dusters as well.

Installing a Towel Bar

Why It Is Important To Hang Broom And Mops

Multiple reasons exist behind the importance of Mobs and Brooms. For well-organizing to make those last longer, it is essential to store. Below, we have pointed out some reasons regarding the query.

Hang Broom And Mops

Simple Organization

You may think that it is mostly impossible to lose something big like a broom, isn’t it? But  you can’t believe it happens usually. Especially, in a larger home, there is a chance of forgetting where you have kept your mops and brooms. On account of this, if you hang them in a certain place, you’ll find them whenever you need.

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Decrease The Risk of Injury

When you place your cleaning appliances here and there, your small kids may play with them. Sometimes they can be injured if they fall into their head or other parts of their body. And it happens due to improper hanging of the rinsing supplies.

Brooms & Mobs Will Last Longer

When you clean your floors with a mob, it soaks up the water, right? After that, you must dry it properly’ otherwise the bundle of clothes, or yarn can be damaged. Besides, From the dumped, bacteria can spread throughout your house and reduce the lifespan of your mops.

Proper Maintenance of Broom and Mops

It is always important to maintain your cleaning tools that not only make them last longer, but also prevent spreading bacteria. Here are a few tips about maintaining  Broom and Mops.

  • After using, make sure that you have cleaned the brushes, mops, and brooms properly with detergent.
  • For removing debris, broom fivers should be combed out on a daily basis.
  • Brooms must be cleaned with hot water and oxygen bleach powder after every 2-3 months.
  • Use a holder or any kind of hanger to hang the brooms and mops because if you keep them on the floor, they will be flattened that decrease the cleaning effectiveness.
  • After cleaning with the brooms or mops, let them dry properly.


So, it was all about How to Hang Brooms and Mops applying multiple procedures. Keeping your home & office neat & clean is significant, but maintaining the big cleaning tools is a bit difficult. That’s why people avoid using those awkward shaped rinsing tools.

Some effective storing ideas we have  given in the context above. We hope, no more struggling you need to do for storing them. Apply any of the methods that will suit you according to your home space and lead a trouble free life.

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