Special About Basketball Shoes

Why Are Basketball Shoes So Expensive And Loved Basketball Players?

In comparison with other shoes, Basketball shoes are expensive and it depends on several things. Basketball shoes are formed with relaxation, fashion, and performance in mind. It is also widely known as a sneaker that the majority of sports lovers desire to own. Moreover,  Basketball shoes are definitive for any sports and can be worn as casual shoes.

A typical interrogation that we frequently notice is Why Are Basketball Shoes So Expensive. Well, some far-famed brands Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, and many more produce Basketball shoes. They made the shoes with innovative designs, soft cushions, and original leather, and spend money on athletes’ endorsements, thus; it is a bit expensive. However, to get details about it, you can read the rest of the article below.

What Is So Special About Basketball Shoes?

Basketball is one of the most well-known and popular sports around the world. Nowadays, many people, especially those who are young interested in playing Basketball, desire to represent their state, county, organizations, or school. Like other sports, the performance of the player in Basketball reckons on equipment. The only equipment that a player needs is his shoes and it is significantly expensive like other sports shoes.

Special About Basketball Shoes

Now a question may pop up what is so special about basketball shoes, right? Generally, Basketball players have to jump, sprint, and bunk while playing. For that reason, they need shoes that are made particularly for cutting/passing. Much more pressure is executed to the sidewalls of the shoes when a player is cutting with the ball. The average sneaker won’t be competent enough to endure the pressure and will quarter within a few days. Besides, Basketball shoes protect your ankle from major injuries with their collar-shaped sole.

Why Are Basketball Shoes So Expensive?

The price of Basketball shoes relies on multiple things from athlete’s endorsement to product placement. Here, we have pointed out some of the prominent reasons that will clarify why basketball shoes are more expensive than other sports shoes. So, let’s check it out.

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Why Are Basketball Shoes So Expensive

1. Athlete Endorsement

This is one of the main reasons behind the expensiveness of Basketball shoes. Big-name shoe companies like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan expand millions of dollars on the athletes who recommend their products.  For instance,  we can mention the name LeBron James, an American Basketball player. He signed a deal with Nike for 7 years in 2003 for a $90 million endorsement.

2. Sponsorship of Several Programs

Apart from endorsing athletes, a number of prominent shoemakers brand confer shoes and other equipment like Basketball Bags, Jersey as well for multiple teams. AAU, professional basketball teams, collegiate basketball programs get sponsors from those brands. Sponsoring multiple teams at once adds up a huge amount of money.

3. Commercial Advertisement

This is another considerable reason behind the coastlines of Basketball shoes. Several well-known brands pay up a considerable amount of money for purpose of advertising their products with Tv commercials. For Paying ad agencies, high-quality advertisement, campaign, and targeted views, then need an extensive amount of money. As a result, to earn the cost money, they fixed a high price on Basketball shoes.

4. Product placement

Apart from the commercial, famous brand shoe companies promote their products through supplications of non-traditional marketing ways. Let’s be clear, prominent brand shoe companies expand a vast amount of money to stimulate their shoes on artificial players in video games that are related to Basketball.

Moreover,  product placement of Basketball shoes appears in a number of TV shows as well. Even if a company intends to place its products on movies or Tv series, it must pay a large sum of money to the producers.

5. Compact supplies

No companies will fix prices more than customers are intending to pay, But by executing the supply and demand law,  many brands increase the price of Basketball shoes. Besides, they distribute certain pairs of shoes in stores. several name brands follow the “Collectible” way, which means they won’t produce more shoes until the demand gets increased.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

Indeed, shoe companies earn a huge amount of money, and high profit comes from the Basketball shoes as it has global demand. In accordance with the Businessweek article, a pair of Basketball shoes sell on average $180 where the retailer’s cost is around $50.

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Are Expensive Basketball Shoes Worth It?

You might be wondering whether Basketball shoes are worth the money or not. If we answer the question in short, then we’ll say yes, it’s worth the money.  Basketball shoes hold comfort that ensures your feet can soak up the persistent moving shock. The shoes are much comfortable and shock absorbers that won’t bother you while moving continuously on the Basketball court.

Are Expensive Basketball Shoes Worth It?

Basketball shoes hold breathable material that ensures comfort and a cool environment inside the shoes. It is indeed that, when you wear shoes, your feet will get sweaty and hot. In that case, Basketball shoe materials will keep your feet cool and sweat-free because they have breathable substances. These types of elements allow air to get inside and ensure your feet are cool.

Sole is the most elementary particle of any type of shoe, and Basketball shoes have high-quality soles. If a good sole doesn’t attach to the shoes, you can’t play Basketball. The upscale sole of Basketball shoes protects you from sudden slip or fall while playing on the court. Apart from these, Basketball shoes hold a well-shaped collar that protects your ankle from major injuries. So, we can say that expensive Basketball shoes are worth the money.

Final Thought

We hope you have got your answer on Why Are Basketball Shoes So Expensive? As we mentioned in the above discussion, the expensiveness of Basketball shoes recons on several things like an endorsement, product placement, commercial advertisement, and sponsorship as well.

Though the Basketball shoes are expensive, they are worth the money because of holding sufficient comfort. Besides, Basketball shoes use breathable substances that keep your feet cool inside the shoes while playing. So, It was all about Basketball shoes, to get updated information always keep an eye on the site.

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