Can You Use Sheep Shears On Dogs

Can You Use Sheep Shears On Dogs – You Need To Know Everything

Sheep shears are electrical devices that are usually used in cutting off the dense hair of sheep. It is a consistent and time-saving way to shear. Now the majority of farm owners use this device because it reduces the need for manpower and saves money. Without confronting difficulties, anyone will be up to use electric sheep shears.

However, we have seen that an extensive number of people use sheep shears on dogs. Though both types of shears use power-driven and blades to cut off the wool, there are many differences between the two of them. Through the context, we’ll clarify whether Can You Use Sheep Shears on Dogs or not. So, without any further fuss, let’s get started.

How Do Sheep Shears Work?

The majority of people don’t know how actually Sheep Shears works. Electric Sheep Shears often consists of two parts. The first particle is a comb and the second one is a cutter. Comb placed in a bottom unit which drifts along the sheep’s body and abstracts the wool fibers.

On the contrary, the Cutter part is the top unit that drifts on the other side of the Comb. It curves through the wool fibers that proceed within the comb’s teeth. The upper side of the comb holds a tiny angle at the end of the comb’s teeth. Consequently, when your sheep shearing blades are appropriately settled, the cutter will adjust behind the angle. This aids in protecting your sheep from getting injured by the shears.

Can You Use Sheep Shears on Dogs?

We are oftentimes asked,  whether it is possible to use sheep shears on dogs or not. If I answer the question in brief, then I will say yes, you can. Actually, the typical functions of both devices are same and both of the devices holds blades and cutter to cut off the hair. You’ll find the majority of people who use sheep shears on dogs.

Can You Use Sheep Shears On Dogs

It is true that there are multiple differences between the Sheep shear and dog shears. Handle, comb cutter, even the cost is different from one another. But, if you don’t intend to purchase extra shears for your dog, then you can use the shear that you use for sheep shearing.

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Difference Between Sheep Shears and Dog Shears

Shears are generally used when you would like to sniff off coats from an animal. Basically, on a sheep, shearing needed once a year, where dog shearing is done more often. Fleece that has been removed from the animal later turns into wool clothing and has a market value.

Difference Between Sheep Shears and Dog Shears

However, there are several differences that exist between dog shearing and sheep shearing. Below, we have demonstrated the remarkable dissimilarity of them. So, without any further ado, let’s get begun.

1. Handle

Cordless and plug-in models are available for both sheep and dog shears. Relying on the design the handle can be altered. Usually, if the design of the shear is cordless, the handle will be bigger and become hot while using. In contrast, if the shears are a plug-in model, you’ll have less mobility and should alter your movements to put up the cord. Switch ON/OFF button of both shears placed on the handle.

2. Comb

Size of Combs that are only used for dogs is different because it has been made relying on the dog’s coat and cut’s style. The substance of combs is plastic and exchangeable over the blade. If you would like to groom dogs professionally, you must need a different size of combs. The comb’s size leans on the coat’s length well.

In contrast, only one or two sizes of combs are available on the sheep shears. With the sheep shears, the fleece of wool is either cut to the skin or a little bit above for warmth. Metal has been used on the sheep shears combs and adjusted to the side of the blades nearest to the skin.

3. Cutter

Now comes to the cutter of both dogs shears and sheeps shears. If you compare, then you will see the cutter of dog shears is a bit small. It holds 10 to 15 small horizontal points attached to the blades that vibrate upward and backward while cutting hair.

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In flip, sheep shears hold four small points on the cutter and the shape of them are like triangles. Fingers settle the handle and cutter together and create pressure on the blade that helps in removing dense hair of your sheep easily. In addition, sheep shears possess knobs that you revolve around to enhance the pressure.

4. Cost

Now let’s compare which one is costly. Sheep shears are much more expensive than dog shears. For example, you can purchase a cheap dog shear for $15 to $20 dollars, where you have to spend almost $100 to buy cheap sheep shears.

For dog shears, price increases with multiple things like speeds, powers, and combs. On the other hand, the price of sheep shears reckons on the number of teeth on the comb.

Guide on Buying Electric Shears

Before purchasing shears(it can be sheep shears or dog shears) you should consider a few things. Here we have pointed out some of the elementary things that you should contemplate.

Guide on Buying Electric Shears

  1. Find out in which purpose you’ll cut sheep’s or dog’s fleece.
  2. Purchase a handle type shears that is easier to operate than convex style
  3. Choose offset-handles and crane shears than straight handles that create more pressure on your body.
  4. For sufficient flexibility, choose electrical llama shears that hold the knob.
  5. Purchase shares depending on your budget but it is better to get one with an expensive price that confers promising services.


We hope you have got the answer to the question: Can You Use Sheep Shears on Dog, right? Though there are several differences between these two things, you can use sheep shears on dogs without difficulties. But keep in mind that, if you are not an expert in shearing then avoid using sheep shears on dogs.

Before using sheep shears on dogs, perceive the primary things like, how to use them properly and where to start shearing. Otherwise, the dog’s skin can be hazardous. However, to get updated information about electric shears, keep an eye on our site.

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