how to connect security cameras to tv

How To Connect Security Cameras To TV – Simple Steps

It needs to keep an eye on your property all the time for security issues. If we talk about security, then the Security Camera’s name automatically turns out. Since security cameras ensure our safety and give us an anxiety-free life, if you have a Security Camera in your home or your office, you can watch what happened on your property when you are actually far from your property. The security camera keeps recording all the things.

If you purchase a camera and wonder how to connect security cameras to tv, you are in the right place. The way of connecting wired security cameras is simple. Keep following our guidelines and know what essential things you need to connect a security camera on Tv. 

What You’ll Need for Connecting Security Cameras to TV?

A security camera is essential to protect your property and house from burglars. A security camera doesn’t work individually. A set of different types of equipment works in that case. Here we will discuss some of these things which are essential to run a security camera properly.

how to connect security cameras to tv

Security Camera:

The initial thing you require is the right kind of security camera according to your budget. Then you need to select the area where you want to set the camera. Because according to the place you want to set there are different type of camera available. All those cameras are not built to perform the same job. Therefore, according to your need picking the right kind of security camera is essential and foremost.


Most Security Cameras for Home need a cable to connect with NVR or DVR. The cable is a vital part of installing a wired camera. The cable connects the camera with the recorder box, and the recorder box connects with an ethernet cable to run the security camera. The wireless camera has got popularity among the people, but there is still the importance of many wired cameras.

Network Video Camera:

The NVR or DVR is also an essential device for installing a security camera. You can place this device in any place in your house. This recorder’s primary duty is to record all the videos and images on the hard drive. Without an NVR or DVR box, you can’t record any footage. Thus it plays a vital role in the method of setting up a security camera.

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The purpose of NVR is to store the data ideally. However, you need a hard drive to store the video. You may choose a computer to store your data or other external storage devices.

How to Connect Security Cameras to TV?

The first thing about a security camera is to pick the right location to install it. However, you will find a different kind of security camera according to the installation places. All types of cameras are not suitable for performing the same job. After purchasing the correct type of security camera, you need to connect it with your Tv. Connecting your security camera to the Tv save you from buying a new monitor. You can see a live view of your property on your Tv. The steps you should follow are

Connecting Security Cameras to TV

Step 1- With an Ethernet Cat ⅚ cable, connect your CCTV camera to the NVR.

Step 2- With an HDMI cable, connect the NVR with the Tv.

Step 3- With a power adapter, give power to the NVR.

Step 4- Turn on your Tv and view the live stream on the screen.

The wired camera doesn’t need any application or any router to connect. After the installation is successfully done, you need a storage device to store the recording footage. Upgrading the security camera with an NVR system gives you hassle-free, easy management of the security camera. 

Benefits of Connect Security Camera to TV

We all know the benefits of a Security Camera. However, connecting this security camera to the Tv gives us an extra benefit. The first and foremost benefit of installing a security camera and connecting it with the Tv is a lot. You can survey your property when you are watching your favorite show on Tv. You don’t charge for a  different device to keep surveillance. Let’s see the other benefits also_

1. No Connection Failure

Like many other security cameras, the Wired camera shows no connection failure while running. Connecting a weird camera into the Tv gives you an uninterrupted live view. Due to the variation of the brand of a Tv company you may face trouble. However, you will not run with such a type of problem with the NVR system.

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2. Extend Storage Space and Continuous Recording

The most extensive facility of connecting security cameras into the Tv is that you need not worry about storage capacity. After connecting the camera with the NVR system, you can save any footage if you want. Some NVR systems with Tv works to record continuous footage. You can choose the video resolution manually, which is kept on the storage device.

3. Work Connecting Without a Router

If you connect your Security Camera to the NVR system and TV with a cable, it can give a live stream. Without connecting to a router or in a network, your Security Camera is ready to record any footage. So you can circumvent an IP camera because you got the same facility with a wired camera on a low budget.

4. Stable Signal

Connecting a security camera on Tv doesn’t need any third-party application. These types of third-party applications sometimes are the reason for lost connection or weak signal. A CCTV camera connected with a TV by an NVR system always ensures a stable connection. It shows zero signal loss while stream live view.

5. Easy Management

The installation process of connecting the CCTV camera into the TV is a process of easy management. You do not need extra things which are needed in other methods. The great benefit of using a CCTV camera with Tv is you can upgrade all your IP cameras by using an NVR system at a time. You only need to follow a simple method to do it.

Final Thought

You can connect Security Camera without an NVR system but you will not get all these benefits. If you want a stable connection between your Security Camera and Screen an NVR system is a must. Wired CCTV camera with NVR gives the best output than any other security camera.

We hope by finishing this write-up you already know how to connect security cameras to tv. This easily manageable procedure not only gives you large storage capacity but also ensures your safety by constant footage recording.

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